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Summary: Live fast, run faster

Malcom Thawne

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Gender: M

Age: 17

Group: Ungrouped


Eobard Thawne
Unknown Mother


With the “Speed-force”, Malcom is able to run at supersonic speeds (not as fast as his dad) and throw lightning.


5’10. Blonde hair and blue eyes. Athletic build. Whenever he’s out running, he uses a modified “Kid Flash” suit. It’s much like his father’s except the head is open to reveal his hair.


Genuinely Nice


He was kept a secret until the “Fall of the Heroes”. Living from underground base to underground base, he had always felt alone. But now, now he lives in mansions in Central City, he lives like a king. It even lets him forget that his father rules the city like a tyrant. He hates it, but what can he do?


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Image of Malcom Thawne
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