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Summary: One bullet, one kill. No luck, all skill.

Floyd Lawton

Gender: Male

Age: 38

Group: The Villains


Redacted - Mother
Redacted - Father


Easily the single best marskman in the world, Lawton has operated as a mercenary with a near perfect record of eliminations going on two decades and has had constant encounters with many heroes of the past, especially Batman and his affiliates.

His skill with personal firearms and experience with heroes, coupled with his sustained atheltic nature and seemingly suicidal tactics make him and incredibly dangerous opponent and at times hard to keep in line, which can make him unpredictable as well.


Holding the dark complexion of African American heritage, out of uniform he is easily seen as a man of phyical nature. Age however is also beginning to show in the creases of her face and the scattered white in his normally black hair.

His uniform he has retained over the years of Luthor's dominion, although he has added a few flat color tone versions to moderately camouflage himself in certain environments, including snow white, olive drab green, desert tan, and flat black. The white mask, equipped with a red targeting device remains unchanged across the variants.


A man of confidence and bravado, Lawton has developed a keener team sense following Luthor's takeover and the destruction of agencies like ARGUS, now falling under LexCorp payroll and provisions. He enjoys banter and joking with other once villains of the new world order, and has even resolved some old conflicts thanks to the joint operations network organized and coordinated by Mercedes Graves, which has given him much greater freedom of living and pay than any precious organization had offered.

Overall, he's a man who enjoys his job and the psuedo family thats developed over the last decade, and isn't afraid to show it.


Under Luthor's direction, Lawton has been offered freedom and ample contracts for work, eventually leading to him being full time under LexCorp as a premier agent and assassin, operating around the world to eliminate threats to LexCorp authority.

While in past he has expressed little concern or regard for his own life, that has appeared to have changed over the decade as he develops his own network of friends and allies, as well as close partners that otherwise he may never have had the cahnce to work alongside, such as Slade Wilson.



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Image of Floyd Lawton
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