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Summary: "Death comes for us all. We can only evade it so long."

Ra's Al Ghul

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Gender: Male

Age: 700+

Group: Ungrouped





Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Speed
Enhanced Stamina
Enhanced Agility
Enhanced Durability


Alchemy: Ra's is capable of creating unique potions that would be inconceivable using traditional methods.

Genius Level Intellect: Ra's possesses a genius level intellect with aptitudes in a wide variety of sciences and medicine.

Leadership: Ra's is a highly capable leader, as he has led the League of Assassins for centuries.

Martial Arts: His long life allowed him to learn numerous fighting styles over the years. He is easily among the most knowledgeable martial arts masters in the world.

Occultism: Ra's possesses vast knowledge and understanding of his arcane Lazarus Pits, as well as mystical rituals that allowed him to transfer his soul into the body of another.

Swordsmanship: Ra's is a master swordsman, training even Batman in the ways of the blade.

Tactical Analysis: Ra's is a brilliant tactician, planning his exploits many months even years in advanced.



Ra's is mainly seen wearing a fine, silk shirt underneath a heavy, dark brown cloak. He has also been known to wear an all-black suit when in more modern/urban environments.


Ra's has little to no emotions, as he not only believes that it clouds his judgement but also the many trips to the Lazarous pit has made him numb. Although he will not hesitate to kill, Ra's does not believe in pointless killing. He has a very strong personality, believing that he is always the smartest person in any room.


Since the Doomsday attack, Ra's went into hiding. He believed that it would be best that everyone else thought him dead while he regained his strength, and plotted his next move.


The Demon's Head

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Image of Ra's Al Ghul
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