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Summary: The Red Queen

Rachel Andrews

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Gender: Female

Age: 30

Group: Ungrouped


Gary Andrews-Crime boss
Status: Dead
Ava Andrews
Status: Dead


Communtive mind control- She can make anyone do anything she ask if she has eye contact on them, even forget memories. She actives this ability when she says, "oh darling." People who are very stubborn or have strong minds can resist her. She can only do this to humans.

Minor Telekinesis- Can move anything that is the size of a car and smaller. The bigger the item the bigger headache she will have.
She is super strategic, knowing people's moves three steps ahead.
She has an entire criminal organization that are armed with an array of weapons.


She has long brown hair, a scar on her right eye, her right eye is golden, her left is brown. She is about 5'8 in height.


She is cruel, killing anyone in her way. She is sadistic, seductive, and crazy.


Rachel was raised in a large criminal family. Her father and mother was killed by a crime Lord. She met Jason after that.

After killing Jason, Rachel put his heart in a box. She then killed the crime boss taking it over the organization, after 10 years she gained her powers five years after Jason's death. She knows Jason is alive because she sees that even though she took out his heart, it hasn't rotted and still is beating.


The Red Queen

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Image of Rachel Andrews
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