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Summary: "Is that the best you got?" Henry mocked, his arms folding across his chest. "I've seen better."

Henry Lewis Allen

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Group: Ungrouped


Barry Allen
Lisa Snart


Access into the Speedforce including;
- Incredible speed
- Accelerated self healing
- Speedforce elemental manipulation
- And more!

His abilities inherited by his mother include;
- Golden like tendrils only revealing themselves during times of anger and rage, two tendrils that can pierce through a physical body at the cost of making his body intangible


Blond hair, frosted with white along the top across a high fade cut. Thin lips, bright blue eyes and a button nose. His thin and lanky body is an after effect of surviving within the Speedforce for so long.


Hot headed, quick to action without thinking. His temper only matches his attention span which is already ready to burst. He's quick on his feet and fast with being creative with his powers and abilities, but sorely lacks restraint and control over certain feats. He rarely trains and doesn't feel the need to.


Barry Allen was once locked in the Speedforce, his body healing the connection overtime as he managed to pull through Lisa Snart to save her life. Although the two didn't get along, they made the best of their situation and it wasn't until their union did the portal back into the real world opened. Rather than taking her with him, Lisa decided to stay, knowing the danger and threat that loomed outside. To protect both her and his child, he agreed to keep her here until their child was old enough. Now, at the ripe age of 18, his time arrived. The Speedforce spat him out into the real world, partially trained by both his mother and the entity of the force. He's ready to save his father and reunite his family.



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Image of Henry Lewis Allen
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