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Summary: For Markovia

Tara Markov

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Gender: F

Age: 46

Group: Ungrouped


Viktor Markov
Unknown Mother


Geokinesis Mastery
High-Tier Superhuman Strength and Durability


5'11. Long blonde hair that's usually covered in a ponytail. Wears mainly black. She has a scar on her cheek and her body is covered in damages from her time as a hero.


Tara's very disconnected. She doesn't have many friends beside her nephew (shut up). She's very close with him. She loves her country of Markovia and has many regrets of her past. She was very insecure as a young girl but has become quite confident in herself.


When Tara was 15, she ran away from home. When I say ran, I mean she went to a whole other country. She became a hero and joined the Teen Titans. Life was great, until she was recruited by Deathstroke. He promised her so many things, but mainly, he promised her control over her powers. She accepted and betrayed the Teen Titans. She saw the error of her ways and sacrificed herself in order to save her friends. She would've died if her brother hadn't found her. They stayed in America for a little while longer until Tara felt as if it were time to go back home. And there she had stayed. When Brion went to help the Justice League, Tara stayed. Brion died and Tara had to guide Gendry into the right path, she hoped she was doing her job right.



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