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Summary: Ladies, ladies, please! One at a time!

Gendry Markov

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Gender: M

Age: 25

Group: The Resistance


Brion Markov
Denise Howard


Low-Tier Superhuman Strength and Durability
Flight (with Rocks)
Pyrokinesis (Purple Fire from his mother's unknown genes)


6'2. Brown messy hair with an athletic body. Each of his eyes are a different color, one hazel another blue. Usually in casual clothes in the color scheme of his father's superhero alter ego.


Gendry is very cocky and arrogant. He believes his way is the best (and only) way. He buts heads with almost anyone he meets, except for the ladies. His charm shines through the most and he's known as a ladies man. In his heart, he is a good person, don't let his loud mouth and after evening activities show you otherwise.


Gendry was born to wealth and royalty. His father, Brion, was a very well liked king and superhero. And his mother? She was a very smart woman who was raised in Gotham. When Gendry's parents met... fireworks. After some late nights, Gendry was born. When Gendry was 12, his mother undergone in experiment that turned her into a purple scaled monster. Brion fought her and placed her back in Gotham so that she could get the help she needed. Gendry never cared much for his father's alter ego. People in America would make fun of the hero "Geoforce", and to be frank, many more people knew of Gendry's aunt. Terra. When the Justice League knocked on Markovia's door after the death of Flash, Brion came running. That was a costly mistake that took Brion's life. Gendry became king when he was 16, being advised by his friend Kristoph and Aunt Tara. Together, they kept Markovia safe and away from Luthor's grasp... for now.



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