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Summary: Always think like a spider. With eight legs, the tarantula is always aware, always ready to strike.

Jack William Thomas

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Group: Ungrouped


Mother - Currently Unknown
Father - Currently Unknown



Jack has no superhuman powers, but he is at peak physical condition, beyond Olympic levels. He is able to run for an extended time at almost thirty mph, swim at just over five mph, jump over five feet vertically and eight to ten feet horizontally. He is a gifted acrobat and has an incredible amount of endurance accompanied by a remarkable recovery, which does border on superhuman.

Due to years of practice in meditation, Jack can function for three or four days without sleep, but an extended crash will follow. Jack routinely functions on two or three hours of Taoist meditation, able to drop almost immediately into a lucid REM state that allows him to process information and work out problems and ideas, and to remain aware of his surroundings, making it extremely difficult to sneak up on him as he has trained his senses to their peak potential. He cannot track by smell or anything of that nature, but he can detect ingredients meant to be hidden by other scents and flavors, hear a very soft footprint or breath, and read the finest of print at a distance.

Jack is a trained combatant and martial artists in various styles: Boxing, Savate, Aikido, Tae-kwon-do, Krav Maga, Japanese and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, and Kalarippayattu as well as the common associated weapons. He is a practitioner of yoga, tai chi chuan, and parkour. Jack is also trained with small firearms and rifle weaponry, including military assault and automatic weapons.


As a genius level polymath with a photographic memory and near-perfect muscle memory. Jack picks up knowledge and skills with extreme speed and little instruction. It takes a little bit longer and with practice before he reaches a level of mastery, but Jack does have a talent for deductive intuition allowing him to come to accurate conclusions with inadequate information. Additionally, he has advanced knowledge of and skill in programming and cryptography, electronic and mechanical engineering, physics, biochemistry, chemistry, bio-chemical engineering, forensics, analytics, and psychology--all conceptual, theoretical, and practical. Jack also possesses extensive knowledge of the vigilante and meta (superhero/villain) world, especially of the WWII and post war eras.


Jack uses a variety of tools in his activities.

Gloves and boots: His gloves and boots have small spikes on the final finger-pads and soles combined with tiny suction cups and adhesive allowing him to stick to and move up and across vertical surfaces without additional aids.

Goggles/Contacts: Jack's goggles have a HUD display connected with a micro-computer allowing him complete access to his computer systems and internet. They are fitted with wifi and bluetooth allowing further access to some systems. A cable in his belt allows him to connect to most systems via either USB or direct clip connections. Finally, they are equipped with night-vision, infra-red, thermal, and up to 10x telescopics. His contacts are redundant with the IR and nightvision, the HUD, wifi and bluetooth. Both his goggles and contacts project a virtual keyboard.

Micro-computer: A micro-computer contained on his belt allows Jack to communicate through wifi and bluetooth with available networks. Decryption programs allow him to enter secure systems. The interface can be verbal or via virtual keyboard with output either virtual visual, auditory, or both.

Breather: A breather allows Jack to filter airborne toxins and pollutants while concentrating oxygen, even extracting it out of water.

Suit: His costume is a high-density kevlar mesh with and iron thread weave able to stop high-calibre impacts, including from assault and military grade weapons. The more powerful weapons may cause damage to the suit, and can definitely cause bruising or even broken bones and internal damage. With the iron threading, Jack's suit is resistant to blades.

With his suit, goggles, and breather, it is possible for Jack to completely seal himself from any contaminants.

Additional: Jack does carry several gadgets and weapons in belt pouches.


Bo sticks: Jack carries a pair of metal, telescoping bo-sticks that can be connected to create a quarterstaff.

Needler Pistols: Jack uses two air-powered (allowing for silent use) needler pistols which can fire smaller calibre solid rounds or small substance-filled darts. Typically, the darts will contain a knock-out toxin or a webbing substance, but he has also uses hallucinogenics and at a low air power, truth-serum. Hundred-foot grapple-line cartridges can also be fitted to the pistols.

Tasers: Jack carries two tasers of variable voltage.

Bolos: This simple weapon allows for take-downs and entanglements at a distance, but are also fitted to emit obscuring smoke, sleep-gas, and hallucinogenics. The individual balls may be detached and used individually, similar to grenades.


Height: 6'0"
Weight: 215 lbs, muscled, athletic
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Brown
Complexion: Mid-light brown. Jack is mixed race, Latino and Caucasian. His grandfather was Caucasian, and adopted Jack, technically making him his son and not grandson, but of no blood relation, and the age difference made more sense.

Jack is fairly handsome, and while his resting face is contemplative, his smile is pleasant.


Jack Thomas is difficult to get to know. He keeps to himself most of the time, but is willing to engage and even befriend others. He simply has a contemplative nature. People often describe him as brooding, as though he has the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Jack works well with others and alone. He prefers the later.


Jack was born in Gotham, orphaned almost immediately after birth, and adopted by an elderly man within weeks of his birth. As soon as the adoption was finalized, they moved to London.

Growing up in London, his "grandfather", Jonathan William Thomas, provided him the best home school education possible. Home schooling was necessary because Jack possesses a superior genius intellect and is a polymath, able to pick up and retain information and skills at a highly advanced rate, coupled with a photographic memory and a talent for deductive reasoning and deductive intuition. And while that education included the normal material, it also included great emphasis on the physical.

Jack's grandfather passed away of normal causes when he was thirteen. Jack became a ward of the court, then a foster child, then a runaway in quick succession. Living in an abandoned theathre, Jack fell in with a street thieving group of youths called the Sock 'n' Buskin Troupe and made friends. He adopted the nom de guerre, The Artful Dodger.

When Jack turned sixteen, he was summoned through a series of cryptic puzzles and riddles to the law offices of Thomson Snell Templar & Passmore where he met Matthew Templar, his grandfather's lawyer, and his own. His grandfather had left him a small fortune of a million pounds. Jack became emancipated in order to receive his inheritance and left London for the Far East to study martial arts.

Another inheritance of a million pounds came when Jack turned eighteen. Upon his twenty-first birthday, he inherited twenty million pounds with a trust that would pay out five million a year. A letter from his grandfather urged him to go home, to find the truth of who he was and who he could be--to return to Gotham.


The Spider
formerly, The Artful Dodger

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