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Summary: A vicious hitman on the run


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Gender: Male

Age: Looks 25 but much older

Group: Ungrouped


Unknown, Jaws was found as an orphan and picked up as a test subject for an evil organization.


Jaws was found as an orphan and picked up as a test subject for an evil organization. They experiment on him and many other children. Most of the subjects died early on. However Jaws manage to evolve and adapt to his situation as he developed several abilities.
Superhuman strength & stamina
Healing factor
Near invulnerability
Virtual indestructibility and immortality
Metal Shark Teeth that grow back when lost
Gills for breathing under water on neck


Height: 7'2
Weight: 271 lb Muscular
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Blonde
Skin Color: Lightly Tanned
Wears a business suit and hidden weapons.


He is a man of few words and was conditioned to kill for the evil organization that created him. He is loyal and persistent. He will hunt his target relentlessly till he kills them. He has killed by the hundreds and sleeps like a baby right afterwards.

Now he is cold and ruthless as he is on the run from many evil organizations.


He was made into a stone cold killer by an evil organization. However all that changed when he fell in love with a young short woman who made him feel love for the first time in his life. Granted he was still a stone cold killer but now he had a love life. Sadly his relationship was not condoned since the woman was a descendant of a hero and a possible threat. So she kidnapped by Jaws's boss in order to test his loyalty.

Sadly the test failed as the Boss killed her before Jaws's eyes. Jaws lost it and slaughtered the entire evil organization that night. After burring his dead girlfriend he retired from killing......for about a month. Jaws was now a liability to affiliated organizations who put a contract on his life. Now he is on the run with no allies and a world full of enemies.


Codename: Jaws

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