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Summary: A young heroine looking for revenge

Kat Margaret Power aka Pixie

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Gender: Female

Age: 18

Group: Ungrouped


Deceased: Jim and Maggie
Deceased Siblings: Jack, Alex and Julie


Katherine originally only had he her Disintegrate powers. Later on she found she could switch powers with her three siblings. Then as each one was killed she gained their powers as well.

Katie Power: She could disintegrate any kind of matter, including water and air molecules, store the energy and expel it in balls of explosive energy or regenerate with her power. She later trained in gymnastics and Karate.

Julie Power: Lightspeed (acceleration) unaided flight by means of rapid forward propulsion that left a highly visible tri-colored band of light in her wake.

Jack Power: Mass Master (density) control over his own density. Can turn himself into a cloudy, gaseous form, make himself small, dense, super-dense form and is able to create a molecular density force field.

Alex Power: Gee (gravity) Can control gravity in a range of 100 ft.


Kat is 5', blonde (with green highlights), green eyed, light skinned, thin muscular frame and very agile.


Kat used to be a happy out going girl till her family was killed. Now she is bitter and angry. She wants to kill all the villains who ruined her life. She is wild and full of pent up energy.


Katie Power was born in Richmond, Virginia to her parents Jim and Maggie. Her full name is given as "Kate (Katie) Margret Power" in Power Pack. The youngest of the four Power siblings, she was only 5 years old when she was given her powers by Aelfyre Whitemane, a dying Kymellian noble. Katie and her siblings then form the superhero team Power Pack.

That all changed when her home, friends and family were destroyed or killed before her eyes. She luckily managed to escape and live in the slums till she met Jaws who gave her a second chance at revenge. She changed her super name to better fit her look.



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Image of Kat Margaret Power aka Pixie
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