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Summary: Yeah? See if I give a f*ck.


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Gender: Male

Age: 22

Group: The Resistance


Paula and Mark Loomis. Jay was born as "Jonathan Loomis" and had his name changed as soon as he could.

Jay grew up in a traditional family, at least as far as having a mom, dad, and siblings, however, their religion happened to be a cult called "the Truth". It was particularly difficult to leave with no legal identity and controlling parents.


Growing up in rural Louisiana, knowing how to handle yourself and firearms is just about a legal requirement. Especially if you're a certified trouble maker.


Of reasonable height, until recently, Jay had hip length blond hair with a black streak in the front. Now, it's nearly shoulder length and the roots are showing an auburn color.

Jay has a number of tattoos including a scorpion on his hand and a raven on his shoulder. His style tends to make him look like a metal head.

Most of the scars from his past are hidden, but there is difference in skin tone between his face and the rest of his body. There's a bit of a line along his neck that indicates that his face is paler, almost like a tan line.


Brash, loud, and rude, he tends to be difficult to get along with. He reserves his respect for those who have proven to him that they deserve it. He absolutely has a problem with authority.

He does have a softer side, but there's only one person who he let's see it, and that person is his boyfriend, Dillon. Their personalities are complete opposites, but somehow, they get along. In fact, they do much more than just get along.


Until a few months ago, Jay had never set foot outside the state of Louisiana, and it wasn't by choice. He was born into a family of cult members. From a young age, he knew he wanted to be nothing like his family and that tended to get him in trouble. Big trouble. His father was particularly abusive. In fact, his father was worse than the cult itself, at least to him.

A long story that took place across a few months made short, once Jay met Dillon and fell in love, very little could keep him from leaving anymore, not even a whole cult or his controlling and abusive family. Not having a legal identity couldn't stop him from going with Dillon.

Finally, Jay has himself all the legal paperwork he needs to do whatever he wants... as long as it's legal. In Louisiana, he had himself a gang of friends when he was a teenager. It was rural middle of nowhere and even with increased strictness in law enforcement over the last decade, they could get away with a lot. Now, however, he's with Dillon in the heart of Gotham, the most strictly policed city in the world... and that crime itch is looking mighty tempting.


Jay, Jayson, Johnathan

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