A Game of Cards

Joint post between Wolfly and Lily

By the following day, Carmine Falcone had set up a place for Daniel and Lyra to stay temporarily in his own home. They had themselves a room, set up as a studio apartment, in Carmine's mansion. It was up on the third floor where nobody was allowed without Carmine's say so, not even the people that worked for him.

Daniel received a firm hug from his uncle as they were shown into the room. “Anything to keep you safe, kid. You and your new friend.”

“Thank's, Uncle Carmine,” said Daniel returning the hug.

Carmine released him from the hug. “Long as you keep the curtain drawn and don't wander downstairs or make a racket, you're perfectly safe here.”

Daniel nodded. “Got it.”

“So no flying or going outside” Lyra asked. Her mind raced she wondered if she would get to fly again or even see Adam.

“Sorry, Lyra. Too dangerous,” explained Daniel. “We're too downtown.”

“There's a gun under your pillow just in case something happens.”

“Hopefully that won't be necessary…” said Daniel timidly.

“Alright. I'll leave you two to your own devices. You have my number, Danny boy.”

“ I’m not a fan of guns, they used them on us in the lab. The darts the shot have a liquid in them that makes it feel like your blood is on fire before you pass out.

“Thanks again.”

With that, they were alone in the luxury apartment.

“So, how you feeling about it all?” Daniel asked Lyra.

“ I’m ok just wondering how long we will have to hide for” she said quietly she looked around the room. She settled in a corner and started to examine her wings. “ Casper is not going to be using us for experiments,” She said she became anxious. Her fear of laboratories and anything involving them. She looked around again. “ I’m sorry I just feel like this is a trap” she said quietly.

He sighed. “Look, I'm sure there's places we could get you to where you can have more freedom… another country maybe, but for now…. I think we should stay here just a bit longer to see how things with Adam play out. If he needs you or we need him, we need to stay here in Gotham. And to stay here in Gotham, we need to lay low.”

“ your right what do you want to do?” she asked. She almost immediately relaxed. Just hearing this was not a trap making her feel better. It would take her time to get used to the idea that not everything was meant to hurt her. “ does anyone know anything about Adam yet” she asked.

“ you want to play a game or something” She asked. It had been so long since she got to be a kid that she almost forgot what it was like to just have fun.

“You know what, sure… I bet there'll be a set of cards in here somewhere. I swear it's like every room here has one…” He'd been visiting his uncle's house for years now. It was no surprise when he opened the end table drawer and found a small box of cards. “You know any games? I haven't played any in a long time… I could look some up.”

“ I don’t know any I think there was a game called old made that green lantern tried to play with me I was only like two” she said quietly. That was one of the few good memories that she had before her parents died.” Tears started to form in her eyes. I miss them”. She added before quietly wiping them away and smiling at him again. “ I have always wondered what happened to moms weapon it was probably destroyed .” She added after a moment

“Old maid? I've never actually played it. I'll look up the rules real quick.” He pulled out his phone and began to type.

He stopped at Lyra's sorrow regarding her family. He sighed. “I've never met my real mother…” he told her. "Or any of my real family, but… you know, I still have people I consider to… be my family. You know? Even if we're not actually related."

“ I’m alright really, it just hard sometimes” she said smiling at Daniel. She looked at his phone. “ so how do we play old maid” she asked. She focused on him intentionally for a moment until a sound presumably a bird outside startled her. She got to her feet and opened her wings.

“ oh it was just a bird” she muttered as she sat back down. She looked at the ground for a moment.” That was embarrassing “ she said quietly.

"It's alright," said Daniel gently. "Don't worry about it." He dealt out some cards and began to explain the rules.

“Thank you” She said smiling. She settled listen to Daniel explain the rules. It took her a few tries before she got the hang of the game. For the first time since she was little Lyra had fun. She laughed and talked like any normal person.

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