The Fight for Central City Pt.1

Eobard found Malcom back at the mansion in the living room, still in his tuxedo, staring at the TV. He didn’t hear Eobard until the door closed. “Dad,” Malcom said, now getting up, “did you see the news? The guy who made the gas is at Central City Park.”

“I know,” Eobard says, “I got a call from Luthor’s right hand, Manta and Firefly are almost here. Get dressed, we’re talking strategy in an hour.” With that said, Eobard left the house to meet the ex-supervillains.

Malcom stayed at the house to suit up in his modified version of the “Kid-Flash” suit. There’s a sense of dread as he dons the suit. Sure, Malcom’s been in fights before, but not with any powered people. He looks at himself in the mirror, his blonde hair pouring out the yellow top. He thinks about the first person to wear this suit.

“Wally West” He said aloud.

Malcom stared at his reflection, ‘How do I know that?’ He wondered. He would’ve thought about this more, but people were dying, and he needed to meet his father’s friends.


Casper tilted his head slightly at the mass greeting him. He gave a polite nod. "Well, I suppose I'd like to know why you've chosen to infect and effectively take over this city. You see, I'm afraid it's not yours to take."

Eric snarled, "Why is that? Is it because some sickening pest told you so? We are talking about the human race, a plague, a virus on this planet." Eric let out a sigh, "Forgive my rudeness "

He laughed lightly. "Have you seen yourself? It's bold of you to call the human race a plague. Really, though, they're doing a great job of killing themselves off without you. They're on the edge of societal collapse. This is really rather unnecessary of you."

"Better to finish them off so something else can take their place." Eric shook his head, "Their time has passed, they need to die so something else can take their place."

Casper sighed. "Impatient, aren't you? What's supposed to replace them, you? Nature will do as is does when it does it and no sooner or later." He leaned on his cane. "Unfortunately, you aren't going to be part of that equation, my friend."

"Is that how you see it?" Eric let's out a laugh. "Foolish things, always thinking about yourself no about others, just how humans are. I used to believe in saving the human race, but someone made me think differently."

Casper smirked. "I try to say indifferent, but I admit somebody's given me some perspective on things as well. All the existentialism and morals aside, it's my job to get rid of you. So… can you survive the vacuum of space? Which other lovely planet in our solar system would you like to live on?"

"Can you survive all the diseases to exist all at once?" His arm starts to bubble and shift until it turns into a black inky blade. "This is my city now, like it or not."

Casper adjusted his glasses, unphased. "Considering I don't have any physical cells, alive or otherwise…" He didn't have to move. The shadows around him on the ground shifted into various sharp three dimensional black shapes as well. "I'd say I feel pretty confident in the current situation."

"You will be an interesting one." His body started to twist and turn. His body started to change into a spiked bubbling monster. "Get out of my city."

A huge shimmering hole opened mid-air behind Casper like a window with a view of somewhere else. It was a burning, writhing mass of fire and wispy plasma. It looked like a portal to hell, illuminating the shadow creature with red glowing eyes standing in front of it. "The sun it is, then," he said calmly.

Eric growled, "You're no human, What are you!?" This shadow confused him, nothing about it made any sense. Here it was creating a rift to the sun, how could he beat that, his skeleton sneaked away into hiding hoping he could survive it while this shadow just vanishes a bunch of biomass.

The intimidating image was curbed somewhat by the sound of a default ringtone coming from Casper's pocket. He sighed heavily, taking it out to check who was calling. "You don't mind if I take this, do you? No. Of course you don't. You'd like me to be distracted."

He answered the phone. "I'm afraid I'm a bit busy at the moment, if you could keep this brief." He paused listening to the caller. "You- That's ridiculous. A catastrophic scale biohazard like this? With a mind of its own? Yes, I know it's powerful, that's why we should destroy it. It could be the start of an apocalyptic event. You-" He sighed again. "Very well…"

He returned his phone to his pocket. "Well… I said it was my job to get rid of you. Apparently that's not the case anymore. You can have your little city… the instant you step one molecule out of its border, however… I'll return. It doesn't matter how much mass you accumulate. I could wipe this entire city off the map in an instant. It's been an interesting encounter. Goodbye… for now."

Eric watches the man leave, he moved back to the park, his throne. Seems that someone wants Eric to be alive, though Eric didn't have a single idea of who. As he sat on his throne he thought about it, "whoever it is, I should contact them, why wouldn't they allow that man to kill me off is the big question." He slowly got lost in thought.


Malcom was late. Again. Which wouldn’t exactly be a problem in his position in Central City. But now he’s late with experienced people. Ex “villains” turned soldiers. As Malcom halted to a stop, his father turned to him with two other people beside them. A man in a sleek black armored wetsuit with a broadside black helmet, red eyes to finish it off. Black Manta, Malcom’s heard of him. Next to Manta is a scrawny woman hunched back in a grey jumpsuit covering her head with big bug eyes. Her mouth is the only part open, and half of it is burned. Firefly. She is less known, but still formidable.

“You’re late.” Eobard says, looking at a map on the table in front of them.

“This your kid?” Black Manta says, almost hurtful.

“In the flesh. So, what’s the plan?” Malcom says looking at the team.

“We have 30 men, enough for a flank. I’ll district Plague Lord while Manta goes left, Firefly goes right, and you go right behind him. As soon as I give the signal, Firefly’ll blast him with the rifle while Manta does the same with his eyes. I'm going to need you to hit him in the back with as much lightning as you can. Everyone clear?” Eobard states.

Everyone nods in agreement, until Lynns breaks the silence. “I have this prototype I’ve been workin’ on. It’ll kill the monster for sure. I promise! It’s beautiful.”

“No guesses, we use old school tactics that we know can work. Understood?”

Lynda nods sadly.

“Then let’s go.”


Eric woke up from his slumber, he could feel them. Those speed rates and some other dogs of war were coming his way. He grinned, well the closest thing he could grin under the mask that was made out of biomass. "Even though they have speed, they still can be infected, very foolish of them."

He got up from his throne and waited, this was it. The speeders and the Plague Lord were about to battle for Central City.

As Eobard raced to ground zero for the unknown plague, he saw a black male figure emerge from the ground. “Hello there.” He said, hoping that he was talking to a person and not just smoke.

Malcom silently edged his way toward Plague Lord. A group of Luthor Soldiers following him. ‘Wow, I’m kinda like a general.” He thought for a moment. Manta and Firefly would be at their positions about now. All they had to do was wait for the signal.

Manta steadied himself on a nearby roof. Sights aimed at the blob. Lasers, lightning, and fire. All pyrotechnics. He thought for a moment as he readied his shoulder missile and raised an arm to stop the troops. ‘Smart move Graves.’

"Hello Eobard, as well as Malcom and your friends you have brought before me. Ready to accept the fact this is my city now?" Eric's arm twitched and shifted into a blade,"Or do we have to fight?"

Eric got his Plague behind Malcolm and the soldiers. He made it slowly slither up to them, quietly.

“Well, I thought we could talk before… the fighting. Tell me… Eric, were you always a deranged lunatic, or did Gabriel just piss you off that much?” Eobard hoped that taunt could buy some time, maybe startle the monster with his Speed Force knowledge.

"Gabriel was the last straw, what about you Eobard? Wasn't Barry one of the few friends you had, yet you still kill him." Eric had done his research about Barry and Eobard, of course he knew almost everything that happened in Central City, almost.

“It’s a shame too. With him gone, Central City was easy to control. And I’m not going to let some 2 bit ‘Bloodwork’ knock off ruin that for me.”

"Russo's blood was the perfect base for my Plague Lord serum. If we didn't use it, I would have just dissolved. Thankfully it allowed me to control this wonderful power." Eric tapped his foot, 'any minute now' he thought as he waited.

“Well… in my opinion,” Eobard steps closer to Eric, “No power’s better than a speedster’s.” With this said, Eobard lifted his hand and snapped his fingers. A sonic boom erupted in front of the blob and the creature shrieked as the soldiers moved in.

“GO! GO! GO!” Yelled Manta as his missile flew from his shoulder. Malcom ran and started to generate lightning as Lynns blazed away in a fiery grin. Manta’s eyes shot red beams at the monster, he’d hoped this would be enough.

Eric shrieked, using the Plague to cover him as a bit of him with his skeleton ran off, using the Plague to make a decoy for him so he could get the serum ready, a boost as he saw it as to make sure the fight was his. This decoy won't last long.

Dust covered the park as fire, lightning, missiles, bullets, and lasers tore the beast apart. Malcom stopped for a moment to say, “We’re winning, we’re actually winning!”

“‘Course we are. We’re the good guys.” Black Manta says to the kid. Eobard keeps throwing lightning, but something doesn’t feel right.

Eric finally finished the serum and injected it into his body, "Now the fun begins." All of a sudden the black plague biomass start to increase rapidly, sharp hard spikes stabbed the Luthor soldiers, melting them into biomass, Eric rose up as he made the biomass turn into a giant nightmare fuel version of a plague doctor, "This City belongs to me!!!" It screeched with a deep and hollow voice.

“Do not fall back! Repeat, DO NOT FALL BACK!” One of the soldiers yells as Luthor’s men continue. Lynn’s grin widens as she says, “Now it’s a party!”

“What the hell?” Manta starts to stagger back. “Thawne, what’s the plan?”

“Nothing changes. Stick with the plan. Malcom, keep running.”

Malcom gathers himself and keeps running around the black mass to generate and throw lightning.

Eric growled and made thousands of spikes form around him as he attacked the annoying kid running around him. He slashed at the soldiers, he let out a demonic screech.

Screams filled the air as Malcom’s battalion were pierced by black spikes. The same spikes formed in Malcom’s path as he dodged left. He saw that Manta had started to descend on his jet pack toward the young speedster. “What the hell are we going to do?”

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