Incorporeal Anger

Casper stayed in and around Central city, relocating every uninfected citizen he could. He was angry. It was rare, but it happened, and right now, he was very angry.

This wasn't something that could be merely used and played with. There was no controlling something like this. He could take orders and he could compromise, but this was different. This was more than a mistake. He'd had to stand aside ten years ago, but that was politics. This was different.

He was nearly completely incorporeal, without any real physical anchor point, simply a city-wide web of conscious shadow when the physical phone that he'd pulled with him into that state buzzed. He was pulled away. Suddenly he had a physical human body again and he was seated at his desk in his home office. Part of him was still connected to that web, but now he had a point of physicality.

He checked his phone. He had a text message from Daniel.

"Can we go to the lodge?"

Casper sighed.

Daniel could tell he'd read the message and continued. "I really think Lyra should be able to have some space and be able to go outside. It's the middle of nowhere. I see no cons."

Casper had no strong excuses as to why he couldn't drop the two off in Alaska. Time and distance were no matter. It was safe and remote up there. Somehow, Casper just had a bad feeling about it.

"Very busy at the moment- Will get back to you." He responded.

">:(" was Daniel's reply. It was so simple, yet it had a bit of a bite to it, leaving Casper feeling a bit guilty.

He put his phone down and returned his attention to Central City. It wasn't easy to be conscious and aware of such a huge area all at once. He'd let consequences happen, but he'd also keep them contained. There were too many innocent and uninvolved people to let them all die because of somebody else's mistake. Unfortunately, those infected by the crossfire would likely die. There was no time to separate them from the disease. The consequences would involve casualties.

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