Silence in the Night

Snowfall clings to her black hair, leaving irregular wet spots as they melt. She continuesquicker now as she feels the familiar presence following her. Abby seemingly has a twin because the stalker looks exactly like her, or is it her? She has the same clothes, same hair style, same makeup, same shoes, purse, glasses, and, wait her eyes. The eyes are not the same and the veins run black though the scar, I see it now, it is the same person, but not the same. Is it in her head again? "You should have let me talk to him. That would've been fun."

"No, absolutely not. He's the only one off limits. You don't touch him."

"I don't have to touch him, per se. You don't either. You know we can snap his pretty little neck with a snap of the fingers. Let me do it, let me do it, let me do it!!! It tickles the lady loins when they resist and he'd probably fight and scratch and claw and bite and... I should stop before I get myself too worked up, or maybe I shouldn't. We could...."

"No, Eli is like a brother to me. We will not touch him. We can find a hobo down at the tracks again if it'll shut you up. Master wants one that is worthy. A hero and we have to find one eventually or he'll take these powers from me. Then where will we be?"

"Oh, Trigon would never cast us aside. His sons love us too much, especially Jacob, the sadistic little man he is. Just let me out and I'll take care of it this time I promise to go back this time, I swear. Scout's honor."

"Not this time Grim, I will do it you can watch. You only get to come out if we're in actual danger, and I don't see any." A sharp ringing in her ears stops her in her tracks as she is walking back to her apartment. "No, stay inside." She falls to her knees wincing in pain.

"I told you let me out. Now I'm coming out and i get to play. It's been months and you've had the fun. I have seen what the boy is and where the boy is he is tracking us now. Look for yourself." Her head turns to a rooftop and a figure in a dark hoodie sucks behind a neon sign. "There, he wants to be a hero so let us push him to the point and when he embraces it and becomes one of them, we can get our final gift Abby. Now you're going to let Grimoire free and you're going to be a good little girl and shut your mouth. Sit in the corner child." The ringing stops and Abby stands slowly, brushing the snow off her knees. She proceeds down the street and to her apartment and shuts the door.

Across the street the same figure from before comes out. "I hope she's alright. I wonder what that was all about. I'll put a camera up to track her movements tomorrow morning. In the meantime, I have to sleep in a real bed finally."

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