Demons Reunited (Part 2)

The electric charge no longer coursing through her, she was able to sit up on her own once more, giving him more than just a hard look. "I must be dead to be seeing your face once more."

“It is good to see you as well.” Ra’s raised his head. “Pick yourself up.” He turned away, inviting her to follow. “Did you really believe that Dr. Luthor could be rid of me? I have been on this earth long before he was conceived, and I will be here long after he is gone.”

"You vanished for ten years," she rolls to her feet, flattening out her less than flattering prisoner attire, "vanished in the wake of Doomsday, as well as all those who stood in defense of our city. Forgive me for not being so bold as to think you could survive head on against such a monster."

She stopped a ghul nearby and gestured for his spare sword, which he offered scabbard and all. She had nothing to tie it off to, so it stayed in her off hand.

"But I reckon we can speak later on this. Our escape?"

A ghul quickly approached Ra’s, and kneeled before giving a report. “The other floors have been cleared, my liege. The machine is in our possession, and the cargo has been placed.”
“Excellent. Shall we, Daughter?” Ra’s replied, before grasping the cord, and vanishing into the elevator shaft.

The aircraft waiting for them, just outside of the base, engines already running. Ra’s stood at the entrance hatch of the craft, and extended his hand towards Talia but it wasn’t to assist her up. In his hand was a small device with a single button.
“Would you like to be the one to begin our revolution?”

Talia's eyes narrowed, taking the detonator in hand as she entered the craft. Once inside she found the pilot and quietly borrowed his comms, monitoring the traffic for a moment before going on the air. "Clear the facility, demolition in five."

The base was emptied in two minutes, at which point she then detonated the explosive charges. The earth reverberated with the hundred or so detonations, followed by the collapse of the surface soil, filling it in and burying the other detainees trapped by LexCorp, labeled enemies of the state. Them she did not mind burying, they were likely just as dangerous as Luthor, but her people she would give every chance.

Ra’s noticed her hesitation with destroying the site but overlooked it for now, as they had more pressing matters to attend to. The plane began descending, and shortly after landing, the door lowered, revealing a white environment. The chilly air rushed into the plane, and The Demon rose, and strolled out of the aircraft. His feet crunched against the thick snow, until they reached the fine, stone walkway leading up to a towering palace. Ra’s glanced back to see Talia staring off of the mountain pass, into the white abyss that lies below.

“This is but one, of the many other locations in which the League has access to.” He turned away, continuing to travel up the path, while his ghuls opened the large double doors.
Inside, many assassins ceased training to stand at the position of attention, out of respect for their master’s return. The Demon continued down the narrow path until an opening came into view with a single throne in the center. Ra’s stopped in the center of the room, before turning to face his daughter.
“This is where we will reside until the time is right.”

She looked around, taking in the facility. She remembered this place, had used it once or twice while afield in the States.

To him, she shook her head, "I cannot hide in the shadows while Slade continues his hunt. He won't stop at the archives of 'Eth-Alth'eban, I know him too well. He will hunt and stalk her across the world several times over if he must, until he finally has his chance to end her life… or worse, put her in the clutch of Luthor."

Talia gave him a resolute look, the fire of determination burning behind her eyes, "He must be stopped, and we are the only ones who can do this."

Ra’s stared back into the familiar eyes of his daughter. Eyes that he too once had, lifetimes ago.
“I agree. Slade must be dealt with.” His eyes narrowed. “But we will do this my way.” He turned away, and began walking towards the next hallway. “I will not allow you to act in anger. It will only lead to your demise.” He stopped next to one of the open doors, and extended his hand inside. “Rest here for the night. Tomorrow, we will avenge what was taken from us.”

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