Blood Ties

“Allen?” Malcom asks, eyeing the strange man up and down. Using his great detective skills he says, “You’re Barry Allen’s son, aren't you?”

"What's it to you?" Henry's brows furrowed, the slight wrinkling along his forehead creased as the back of his jaw tightened. He adjusted his poise, shifting his weight against his heels. "How do you know my father?" Then the realization set in. "Have you seen him?" His question grew more serious, his tone cracking his voice while his aggressive stance weakened.

“It’s… it’s complicated. I may be sharing a body with his mind and essence. This…” Malcom gestures you Iris West-Allen, still on the ground. Distraught from watching her city get blown to kingdom come. Her face is set in confusion as she studies the new speedster. “Is his wife. I remember some things from his life...” Malcom thinks about running with Jay and Wally, except those aren’t his memories. Frustrated he says, “Yes. I know, or knew or am Barry Allen.”

"Complicated?" Henry repeats, his confusion only growing in his weakened state. "I don't-." His attention shifted down towards the woman on the floor. This… Iris. She looked… Terrified. The sheer horror on her face only reflected the destruction behind him. "His wife?" The boy asked more aggressively. "No. No, no, no, I've never seen this woman before in my life. My mother was his wife, she-." He choked on his own voice, holding back his words or rather, unable to conjure the strength for them. "He forgot about us… Didn't he..?"

Shit. “Umm I didn’t… I really shouldn’t…” Malcom was at a loss for words. His father told him to save Barry Allen’s wife but here comes this kid with another mom.

“You look so much like him.” Iris broke the awkward tension. “Especially your eyes,” she got up and walked toward Henry. “I’m sure your father loved you and your mother.” That last part was hard for her to say, but she knew she had to say it.

Henry felt his jaw unclench, his balling fists begin to fall. His irritation was only a minor wave in an ocean of the complex questions rambling in his head. The shore of being forgotten, of being alone. He felt it before. Back then, he had her and she had him. It was all they needed until it was time to go. Now the boy knew that it was because they had to go or be forgotten all over again.
"I-." Henry looked up to the woman as she approached him. Her soothing voice rested against his ears and suddenly, all he could feel was the sunlight against the back of his neck. He started to not feel so alone anymore. "I hope he did…" The young man said with a heavy sigh, his gaze locked to Malcom in a cold stare. "So who are you then?"

“I’m Malcom Thawne… Reverse Flash’s kid. My dad’s the reason yours is dead.” Malcom looked at the ground, feeling the stares from Iris and Henry. He choked up and a tear fell from his face when he said, “I’m sorry.”

"So he's dead then…" Henry felt his heart sink in his chest, his chin lowering to match the weight of emotion that flooded inside of him. "Then… Why am I here..?" He asked him, whispering under his breath as he cursed his own being. "No…" The boy replied. "He's still alive… I can feel it. He has to be." He could feel his core begin to electrocute, lightning starting to tear from his frame. "I'm going to find him."
The boy didn't make step forward without tripping over himself. Rather than racing forward, he fell face forward against the grass below. Running along soil was different than an endless void comprised of the Speedforce. His teeth grit under his own disdain of incompetence. He staggered back to his feet, starting at a staggered walk before pacing towards the destroyed city. Henry paused, staring at the horizon of gas that flooded the streets.
"Shit…" He mummered. "Uh… You don't happen to know where I can start looking do you?" The boy asked back towards Malcom and Iris.

“I feel his presence in me but I can’t bring him out. I’m sorry but he’s gone out here.” Malcom gestured around them. Shit, his dad. “Sorry I have to… don’t go anywhere.” Malcom walked away from the two newly acquainted strangers and called his father. “Dad?”

“Malcom! Oh thank God, did you get Iris?” Eobard says, picking up Malcom’s call. Manta’s near Eobard having a heated discussion with one of Luthor’s men.

“Ye.. yeah. Where should I take her?”

“Somewhere safe. Take her to Star City. It’s a neutral zone. There should be a safe house already there, and Malcom, I want you to stay there with her.”

“What? Why?”

“Well, for starters, our house was destroyed and so was the city. I’ll be doing recon and rescue work for Luthor for the foreseeable future and… and I want to know that Iris will be protected, ok?”

Malcom thought for a moment. He thought about telling his father about the Flash’s brand new son. “Ok dad.” He didn’t have it in him. Malcom walked back to Iris and Henry. “There’s a house waiting for us in Star City. It’s a neutral city. I understand if you don’t want to go… either of you. But, and I mean no offense, I don’t think you guys have much else.”

Henry headed back up, seeing that the path he wanted to take was destroyed, most of his other answers seemed to have been as well. It wasn't like he had much else regardless. His hand ran through his blond locks, brushing them back from his eyes as he headed back towards Iris.
"Do-." He paused for a moment, biting the tip of his tongue before he resumed his question. "Do you remember a woman named Lisa..?" The boy asked her. "Lisa-."
Malcom had returned.
"A place in Star City?" Henry repeated, he seemed to have been doing that a lot as of recently. "Where is that?" He asked, looking between them.

“Green Arrow’s old city, now it’s run by some corrupt mayor and it’s one of the poorest cities in America. But like Malcom said, it’s safe.” Iris says not being able to take her eyes off of Henry. “I’ll go. Set up the arrangements.” Malcom left to call his father and Iris turned toward Henry, “Lisa Snart right?”

"Who's Green Arrow..?" Henry paused, silencing himself from further embarrassment. He had been inside the force his whole life, learning and growing with his mother in solitude, away from the outside world and… well, any other world.
"Yea- yeah… She's my- well… Was, my mother. I didn't know much about her other than that she loved me. Back then, it was all I needed… How did you know her?”

“She…” Kidnapped me, killed people, stole things, robbed places, “she saved your father once or twice. I won’t try to pretend that I’m fine with them… together. But I miss him. I really, really do.”

"I don't." Henry replied bluntly at first before he started to correct himself. "I hardly knew him. He wasn't there when I was born or… He was? I don't remember him. I know his name, but that's it. No face, no pictures, only the memories my mother told me." His arms folded across his chest, his tongue rolling along the inner part of his cheek. "That's why I want to find him. So that I could say I really missed having him in my life…"

“You’ll meet him,” Iris glances over at Malcom talking to his father, “I’m sure of it.”

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