A Mystery’s Afoot

It’s been 2 days since Superman has arrived. And in two days, he rules over Metropolis.

‘New Krypton’ is gone. Zod’s body was thrown out of the palace and shown to the citizens. They thanked Superman for saving them and asked him about his demise 10 years before. “I am sorry that I was gone for so long, but now that I am back, you will never have to live like that again!” Yeah right.

The citizens cheered and applauded like the sheep that they are. Kara stood behind him, extremely happy to have her cousin back.

In truth? Something’s off, and it’s not just the metallic outfit. Superman used to represent ‘Hope’, this one just reeks of counterfeit heroism. There’s something going on behind the scenes, and someone has to figure it out.

Hi, I’m Harry Lane. Reporter at work. Well, using ‘reporter’ lightly. Ok, I’m not official, it’s not like New Krypton was exactly booming with people fighting for the truth. Like I don’t-

Harry, you’re arguing with a recorder… Harry out.

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