The Game Begins

For as much crap the Daily Planet took, Harry always hated the palace Zod had made it. Even then, she had made it a purpose to try and make more posts on the Daily Planet website. Well, the 5th website, Luthor really doesn’t like them.

As Harry typed away on her laptop, her friend Patrick hung some more pictures and red yarn on a nearby wall. She usually stayed with Patrick at his apartment. It was a nice place near Suicide Slums, a little small with only the essentials. A couch, TV, bedroom, and kitchen. Restroom was down the hall. It’s not a lot but hey, at least they weren’t living under the stairs.

Patrick continued to update their wall of potential stories. This consisted of a very low res pic of a Batman-like figure, an old Joker mug shot with a post it that says, “Return???”, a figure with wings, and a black blob in Central City. “Why aren’t we doing a post of who the new Batguy is?” Patrick says to Harry.

She continues to clack on her keyboard about the new Superman as she says, “I know who he is, our parents used to make us take baths together. They were close.” She glanced over for a second to the picture. “At least, I’m pretty sure that’s him.”

“You took a bath with Batman?!”

“Trust me, he’s no Batman.” Harry says as she finishes her post. The title reads, ‘Superman: The Facade of a Hero’.

Patrick walks over to the laptop and gives it a quick read. “Heh, subtle.” He chuckles. He’s a little bit taller than Harry. His shaggy brown hair goes down to his ears. Another family friend.

“We don’t need subtlety,” Harry says, “this’ll get a reaction. Trust me.”

Patrick reads the byline, “Who’s Pear E. White?”

“Pseudonym. If he’s anything like our Superman, this’ll shake him.”

“And why do we want that?”

She looks over to Patrick and smiles, “When people are angered, they lose focus. When you lose focus,” she looks back to the laptop, “you lose your facade.”

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