The Plague Receeds

Casper watched as Eric approached one of the quarantine stations at the edge of the city and prepared to defend the border. He was mildly surprised to find the disease attempting a civil approach.

"I'm here," he announced. He emerged as his solid human body and approached the odd creature, limping on his cane as usual. He didn't have to limp. He could correct it in a sense if he chose to, but it was a remnant of his real body that he chose to keep- similar to the way that he really didn't need glasses.

Eric looked up at Casper. "Ah, good day to you Casper. That last time we spoke I was threatening to kill you." Eric still looked the same, but how he spoke and acted was much more civilized, like he was a man that didn't want the world to burn. "I just want to ask you some questions, you see after that explosion, it made my mental state back to being balanced."

Casper tilted his head slightly. "Really?" It was odd. Very odd. Somehow, it didn't seem like a lie. So how did his mental state all operate in the first place? "I suppose there's no harm in hearing you out," he said, walking forward. "Let's walk…" he lead the way back towards the center of the city, away from the edges to minimize the threat of infection spreading. He didn't fear attack. Nothing Eric could do could harm him.

Eric walked beside Casper, "So I saw humanity as a disease, my brain was bonding with the Plague, it seems my negative feelings to Gabriel caused me to hate anyone human because of brain was kinda like being rebooted and still having a virus in it." He sighed, "Anyways the explosion must have fixed my mental state, cause now I don't see humans exactly like a virus to eradicate."

"I see…" said Casper, nodding. "You were essentially the plague itself, given consciousness…" He supposed it made sense. The only aim of a disease or virus was to spread. In this instance, it had a more complex brain to work with. He couldn't quite see how the explosion could have jarred Eric's consciousness loose from the rest, but it didn't necessarily matter at the moment. "What will you do now, then?"

Eric looks at the news about Superman, "Him, everything about him enrages me. He kills someone, he destroyed everything in his path, yet they see him like a hero. So I have a question, who wanted me alive."

Casper gave the screen behind the shop window a glance. He, like most skeptics, had his own suspicions about this sudden appearance of the Man of Steel. In a nutshell, he didn't have an ounce of trust or hope in him. As far as he could see, Zod had simply been replaced by a kinder face.

He turned back to Eric at his question with a gentle sigh. "Lex Luthor. I can only imagine why."

Eric nodded, "Well I'm glad we spoke, I have some work to do, have a good day Casper." Eric walked into a big pile of Black Plague and disappeared into it.

Casper watched him leave, curious to see what would transpire next. He still had the aftermath of Eric's actions to contain. He sighed, returning to the shadows and focusing on keeping the disease from spreading or further contaminating.

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