Operation Cave Boa (Pt.2)

‘A member of the Bat Family alive? Here in Gotham? If word gets out, that someone affiliated with Batman is still in action. My father… me! This could ruin us! Tarnish our reputation.’ Nathan glares toward Enzo, and spits out, “Who the hell is Bluebird?”

“Bluebird is affiliated with the bat family but I don’t know the specifics. Either way we have to solve this problem before this gets out of hand” responded Enzo coldly as they head back to HQ.


Security personnel can be seen throughout the bell tower working in pairs and teams of four packing out weapons and surveillance equipment. Several crates are labelled with both incendiary and high explosive symbols, and are packed into the back of classic transport trucks.

Within Graves' office, it's clear she's just finishing up on her tablet while actual soldiers pack up essential equipment and prepare to move it out. Six black armored soldiers with no markings, their heads enclosed by their helmets with a wide open visor tinted black beyond seeing through covering each of their faces. Graves herself has donned a similar suit of armor, tailored to her size, making her seem even bigger than usual.

"Crane, Dorrance, glad to have you back. We're going to need all the help we can get," she makes a flicking motion across the screen as if to cast away some distasteful report. "Crane, if you could get to your lab and pack up some of your specialty items, I'd appreciate that. Something that puts heavyweights on their asses would be nice. Dorrance, I want you taking Team Six here and getting in the field. We've got a window here and it's growing smaller by the second."

She taps out a few final orders, gives the tablet a spin, then slips it into a hard case on her hip like a pistol. It was only then that she looked up at the two. "Any concerns?"

“Are we going to kill or capture?” Says Nathan. He’s squeezing the cutoff of his wrist. The pain’s still there, but it’s growing by even letting the small group of resistance fighters stay alive.

"That will be determined by how hard they fight back. I would like them captured alive so we can start investigating how deep this recent rise of activity goes, but we absolutely can't let them escape," she replies. "Simply put: if they surrender, they live. If they don't, they die."

“I’m in.” Nathan snarls out.

“What kind of resources can we pull for this situation?” Mutters Enzo. He is right now cleaning his backup pistol in preparation for the fight. The plan is developing rapidly but it would be good to have an ace in the hole if things go wrong.

"I've sent Gotham's resident garrison ahead, including the armor, so you'll have more than enough guns to turn the Manor into rubble. Team Six," she gestured to the black armored soldiers still assembling their personal equipment and squaring everything away on their harness, "was kind enough to fly out from Fort Bragg this morning when we confirmed the ID. They'll be part of your entry."

One who appears to be the commanding officer steps forward and offers Enzo and Nathan a salute. "We're at your disposal, sirs." The soldier's face is completely hidden by the tinted visor and full seal helmet, but it's apparent he has an accent that puts his home someplace south, likely Venezuela.

Enzo returns the salute and looks back at Graves. “Looks like we have the team we need for this mission so what’s our ETA till the start of the raid”. He finishes cleaning his pistol and puts it back in his holster, ready for action.

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