The Search is On

Caroline hears the clock strike 3:00 A.M., still searching for Scarecrow. 'Where the hell is he?' she thought as she got tired of swinging and took a short rest on the top of a closed clothing store. 'Shouldn't the self proclaimed leader of Gotham be around to lead?' Caroline heaves a sigh.

After searching for a few more hours, Caroline eventually decides to give up and she swings back to her mother's apartment. When she opens the door with her key, it's not a surprise when Selina isn't there to greet her.

At first, Caroline wants to go to bed, and that's pretty understandable after she's stayed up for so long. But then she realized that she needs to be able to find Scarecrow, and what else would help with that than to dig up some dirt about him?

Caroline stealthily walked through the apartment into her mom's room, and began searching through the files that her mother kept. As much as Selina hated to admit it, she was a villain for a while, and she has worked with them. Maybe she's worked with Scarecrow...?

Caroline eyes a file that says "Nathan Crane" on it. She hasn't seen or heard that name before, so she was very curious. Curiosity usually killed the cat, but not this one. She grabbed the file and opened it, with the 2 words immediately jumping out at her...

"Scarecrow's Son... Holy shit!" Caroline said loudly as she kept on reading the file. "This just got a whole lot more complicated..." Caroline said to herself.

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