Moving Day

As Michelle loaded the last of Sadie's belongings, she began to tear up. "How am I gonna live without my 'Housekeeper Sadie'?" Michelle exclaimed.

"We both graduated college, you'll be just fine." Sadie retorted.

"Yeah right, hurray for me! I just paid for the most useless receipt in history!" Sure Michelle's complaining, Sadie could tell she felt better. As for Sadie, well, she's feeling fantastic. This was always the plan. Get a degree. Move back home. Apply for the teller job at Coast City National Bank. Promote in said job. Live happy. Boom, easy, sensible, and most importantly... safe.

Sadie was in so much thought, she didn't realize that Michelle had asked a question. "Sorry, I spaced out. What's up?"

"You're coming, right? To my housewarming party?" Michelle asked in her usual sarcastic tone.

"Yeah! Yeah, definitely." Sadie said, now starting to look to her car keys. "That's what I said."

"We can tell you do not want to go, why are you mentally maiming yourself?" A female voice appeared inside Sadie's mind. No she's not crazy, she just has an incredible A.I. and mass armory on a small metal beetle stuck to her back. Trust me, she's not crazy.

"Because that's what good friends do, SC."

"Great, see ya then!" Michelle says, already leaving, texting someone else.

"Friends hurt themselves for other friends?"

"Yeah, kinda." Sadie says aloud, getting into her car.

SKEEEEEEEEEEEE A loud thrashing noise razes Sadie's ears.

"What was that?!" Sadie exclaims.

"I hurt myself."

"No that's... don't do that again, ok?"


Sadie drove to the west, heading back home.

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