A Night Full of Suprises Pt.1

Sadie opened the door to her childhood house. It looked pretty much the exact same as she left it. The T.V. is already set on the '6:00 News'. "Hello?" Sadie yells, "I'm home!" She sets her suitcase down and starts to walk upstairs. "Are they really not home?" Sadie says to herself. She gets to her old room and opens the door...


Sadie's arm gets enveloped in a light blue armored fabric. Her fist changes into a circular blaster. She quickly hides it behind her as she looks upon her family. Everyone's there. Her parents, her sister Jackie, and some of her friends. Her old room is decorated in blue and green colors. A cake sits on a table that reads 'Congratulations!'.

"Danger is non existent, sonic cannon disengage."

"Wow, we really got you huh?" Sadie's mom says while laughing.

"Yeah, yeah you did." Sadie laughs back.

"Hey babygirl." Sadie's dad says, going to hug her.

"Hey dad." Sadie says hugging him. The celebration continues, they have a fun night catching up. Drinking, talking, eating, bad karaoke, the works.


At the end of the night, while people begin to leave, Sadie and her parents start to clean up. While her mother washes dishes, she asks "So, what's the plan now?"

"Coast City National Bank, c'mon Mom, you know." Sadie says brushing her off.

Her mother looks at her in a sad and caring way. "Sadie, don't you want something more than a bank?"

Sadie scoffs, "Yeah, like what?"

"Well, like that." Sadie's mom points to the T.V., it's showing footage from Metropolis, an older Superman is on the screen, fighting Luthor's soldiers.

"You want me to go out and fight the man? Me?"

"Sadie, I've known about your powers for 4 years now, ever since you lifted your father's truck to get it out of that ditch."

"Yeah honey, you're not as subtle as you think." Her father chimes in.

Sadie stares in disbelief. "You know? And you want me to risk my life for nothing?" Sadie is mad, hell, furious."

"Sadie, the time is now. A spark has been lit, and it's time." Mom says.

"But why? Why do you want me to endanger myself?"

"Because, if not you, then who?"

"I... I'm tired. I think I need to sleep." Sadie says, heading upstairs.

"Of course honey, we love you!" Her mother yells.

"Well, that went very well. We have a new opportunity at hand." A man in a long black cloak and hood emerges from the kitchen. His face his pale and his head is missing the center. His brain rests for anyone to see. "Psimon says, disappear." As the strange man says this, Sadie's parents evaporate in smoke. "This'll be fun."

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