Speedster’s Dinner

The group arrived at the safe house Eobard told Malcom about. It was a big cement house. Two stories excluding the basement with big windows nearly as big as the walls. They went into the living room and Malcom sped off to check around the house. He rushed back and said, “Two bedrooms,” he looked at Henry, “I’ll take the couch.”

"That's not necessary." Henry replied to Malcom as he raced back. "I'll take the couch. I probably wasn't exactly expected so it only seems fair." He admitted, looking between the two of them. He still couldn't wrap his head around his own father falling in love with another woman, and without even telling them. Then again… She was beautiful, even at this age. By the sound of her heartbeat from before, it seemed like she was even warming when dealt with heartbreak. Perhaps… Perhaps his father never knew about him. Maybe instead of forgetting, he just never knew. "There any food?" He asked, his palm along his stomach. "Dude I'm starving." Just as soon as Henry said it, his
stomach growled, echoing in the room.

“I uhhh…” Malcom blasts off in a yellow blur to the fridge and opens it. “Apples, strawberries, celery, some bacon, and-“ Malcom gasps in awe, “Big Belly Burger!” He brings out a brown bag with the logo of a smiling burger on it. He opens the bag and walks over to the table. He takes out two greasy burgers wrapped in red paper and two large fries. He motions for the other two to come sit as Malcom starts eating the fries. “I’m good with just this.”

“Classic Star City food right here, we used to come all the time for this stuff.” Iris says.

After some debating Henry sat down. He lifted the burger with… wariness. He’d never seen something so greasy. He took a bite and could see the appeal. The meat, tomatoes, lettuce, etc. all worked together in unison. That night, the three of them bonded. They talked and laughed.

Iris had forgotten how fast and much speedsters ate. It took her back. Back to a simpler time. The time of heroes.

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