A Night Full of Surprises Pt.2

Sadie begins to enter her room as SC starts to talk.

”Sadie, I did not sense 2 lifeforms downstairs.”

”Ok, what are you getting at?”

”Although I am not impressed in my answer, I will have to state it. I do not think your parents are below us.”

”You’re malfunctioning, we saw them.” Sadie says while entering her room.

”I only scanned 2 lifeforms, yours, and that of a third party.”

”You’re wrong this time SC, sorry.”

”No, it is me who is sorry.”

“What, what do you mean-“

Sadie begins to speak but is sent into shock. While not moving, her left hand reaches for her window.

”Full Control Automated”

A light blue and grey slim suit form arounds her body. Her back and feet begin to mold into circular discs.

“What are you doing SC?”

”Getting you out of here.”

SC makes Sadie jump out of the window and blast off toward the sky.


SC does not reply, and proceeds to move in the air. They spot a motel in Downtown. SC enters the establishment, it has never ‘smelt’ in the traditional sense, but it reeked of...

What was the word?


“We don’t have money SC, what’s the plan now?” SC replies to this by walking to the ATM. They put their hand onto the screen and suddenly, 100s started to pour out. SC grabbed them and went back to Reception.

“You couldn’t have taught me that before?” SC hands the money to the reception clerk and they get a room, it’s not until they lay on the bed, then Sadie gains back control. Her first day back, and she’s already in a hotel room.

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