The Unknown Child

Harry and Patrick jostled their way through the crowd nearly engulfing the front of City Hall. “C’mon, we can’t start our official careers in the back row.” Harry says while accidentally bumping a woman.

“Are you sure he won’t recognize you?” Patrick says in a worrying tone.

“If my theory is right, he’s not my actual dad, and Martian Manhunter erased Kara’s memory when Flash died. We’re fine.” Harry responds, brushing off Patrick’s worry. “Now shut up and start recording, it’s starting!”

The unusual ‘Man of Steel’ walks up to a podium in front of City Hall. The building looks like any other government building, minus the Luthor propaganda being torn from the walls. Kal slightly taps the microphone. His metallic blue suit shimmers in the sunlight. He smiles in a warm and caring way. ‘He looks the part, that’s for damn sure.’ Harry thinks to herself.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I am sorry I couldn’t have helped you sooner. I truly am. After my battle with Doomsday, I needed to heal close to the sun. But that’s no excuse! During my time here I have heard so many cries from all over the world, but I need to focus my time here in Metropolis for the time being. My city needs to be purged of ‘Luthor Filth’, and I WILL SEE TO THAT!”

The crowd cheers and claps for their hero. All except Harry. She looks at him in a quizzical way, and he makes eye-contact with her. Shit. He starts to hover toward her. Shit. Shit. Shit. He places a hand on her shoulder and says. “I promise you that young lady.” Superman flies back up and continues to say his speech, Harry and Patrick start to walk to the back.

“You’re not going to interview him?” Patrick says.

“Oh I am, matter of fact, I just set an appointment.”

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