The Interview

Sadie paces around her hotel room. The yells and constant banging of her fellow compatriots keep her on edge. “What’s the plan here SC?”

”Contacting help.”

“Help? Help from who?”

”A patriot I suppose. Someone who understands the field in which we need help in.”

Sadie fillips down on her bed, defeated. “So you’re not gonna tell me who it is huh?”

”I’m afraid not, but you’ll meet her soon enough. Now, please get up and walk to the window.”

“Umm, why?” Sadie says as she follows SC’s instructions. It was better than letting SC take control again.

”We’re going to Metropolis.”


Harry walks to Zod’s old palace, the Daily Planet. She’s greeted by men wearing red and blue painted Luthor soldier outfits. “State your business ma’am.”

“I’m a reporter, I would like to interview Superman.”

They scoff, “Yeah, you and every other reporter in Metropolis.” They are startled to see Superman open the door behind them.

“Don’t worry boys, let her in.”

“Y-yes sir.”

“Right away sir.”

They move out of Harry’s way as she follows Superman inside. Truth be told, Harry’s never been inside the Daily Planet in about... 8 years. She knew that Zod had “pimped” it out, but Jesus. He ruined whatever weird, rustic beauty this building had. Harry though the gold stained rooms felt, sad. “So,” Superman says as he sits down in Zod’s old throne, “where would you like to start.”

“Well, you already answered the big one earlier today, regenerating in the sun chamber.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“So that doesn’t leave much for an interview. But I’ll try to make do.” Harry says with a bit of a bite.

“I’m sure you will ma’am. You know, you look really-“

“Superman!” Kara bursts through the room and instantly feels embarrassed. “There’s um, new information.”

“If you’ll excuse me.” Superman says.

“Of course.” Harry replies.

“What is it?” Superman barks.

“The villainess, Megan. We might have a lead in the form of a mole.”

“Take me to him.” Kara motions for Superman to follow her, right before he leaves the room, he hollers back to Harry. “I’ll just be a moment!”

“No worries!” Harry smiles back. She reaches a small circular device and places it on the side of Zod/Superman’s throne. A lead covered bug.


”Sadie, wake up. We are almost there.

Sadie opens her eyes as she stares at the piercing skyscrapers of Metropolis. “Wow, never actually been here before.” Sadie says while coasting aside the buildings.

She lands into a dark alley and her light blue suit retracts back into SC. ”Follow this road until we reach the ‘Ace of Clubs’”

“Copy.” Sadie replies. She still isn’t over the fact of her parents not being at her house, but they weren’t dead. Sadie knew that much, she hopes at least.

After an hour of steps, she found it. Pink neon lights flare the alley in stunning colors. “Aces of Clubs” can be seen in tacky lights. The club reeks of cheap beer and old carpet fur. “Now what?”

Almost on cue, a tall Mexican man, dressed in a tight black shirt and black combat pants, motions for Sadie to follow him. Why are you doing this? Why are you doing this? Oh yeah, because a bug on your back has the ability to control your body. Awesome. Sadie follows the man into a dead end room. She cautiously turns to see the man pull a hidden lever. The room tumbled as it descends into the unknown.

They finally stop when they reach a... basement? It’s a dimly lit room with 4 dingy mattresses, a couch, a radio, and a fridge. “Hello?” Sadie calls out.

The burly man dressed in black knocks on the wall 4 times. And just like that, 3 figures emerge from the shadows. A green woman with a blue cape, a blue man with horns, a weird looking guy with white hair and a red and white bones outfit, and a man with a golden helmet and a blue and gold outfit. “Woah wait, I know you guys. Ms. Martian (the green woman), Blue Devil (the blue man), Doctor Fate (man with the golden helmet), and... sorry dude, blanking on your name guys.” She says as she reaches the Mexican man.

He takes out a hockey mask and puts it on. “Wild dog.” He grumbles.

“And we’re the Freedom Fighters.” Ms. Martian says.

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