Meet the Crew

"You're joking right?" Sadie scoffs.

"Afraid not, haven't you ever noticed that Metropolis has less of Luthor's fist on it than Gotham? Ms. Martian replies.

"Yeah, because a Kryptonian was ruling."

"And we fear another has risen to take that role." Dr. Fate interludes.

"What? Superman?" Sadie asks.

"Yes, he may not be who he says he is. We have been contacting ever since his arrival."

"Indeed," the Doctor adds, "I fear where his morality lies."

"Why?" Sadie asks, her entire life she's known Superman to be a good guy. The Good Guy.

"Because I did not foresee him in any of my outcomes."

"And this matters because..."

"The Doctor can see the future. Er... well different futures." Blue Devil enters the chat.

"And none of the futures saw this Superman, at all." Ms. Martian adds. Sadie hadn't noticed before, but the Martian looked... weathered. Scars on her face, no hair to be seen. The coarseness in her voice, Sadie thought she was supposed to be the fun one. Time changed her.

"So why contact my scarab?" Sadie finally asks. "No offense, but I didn't come here to join a superhero group. Hell, I didn't even want to come here."

"Because we need help for a mission, and your scarab is the tool we need." Ms. Martian says.

"After that, we'll help with your parents." Blue Devil adds.

Sadie shrunk in embarrassment. What else did SC tell them? "Ok, what's the mission?"

"You, Wild Dog, and I will sneak into one of Luthor's old research laboratories. Your scarab can hack into the system and give us all the information we need."

"What about them?" Sadie asks, pointing toward Blue Devil, Doctor Fate, and Hellraider.

"Oh them? They're going to meet Superman."


"Where?" Kal asks, Kara in tow.

"Well, one of our informants caught wind of Blue Devil hanging around Suicide Slums." Kara answers.

"And why should I care about Blue Devil." If Kal remembers correct, Blue Devil was a low level superhero on his own Earth. C-List at best.

"Oh, Blue Devil and Megan Morse work together. They're apart of a group, I think. That part is still fuzzy to me." Kara squeezes the bridge of her nose and winces. Martian interference. Kal remembers when Martian Manhunter used to leave those effects on his adversaries. Dammit, they're onto him.

"Ok, I'll investigate Suicide Slums. I won't come back for the day, can you hold the fort down?"

"Yes, Clark. Be safe." Kara says as she hugs her cousin. Kal is taken aback, but slowly hugs back.

"Sorry we couldn't continue our interview Superman." Harry says, suddenly behind Kara.

"As am I Ms... I just realized, I don't know your name."

"That's a shame sir, have a good rest of the day." Harry says as she briskly walks in front of the two puzzled cousins.

"Weird girl." Kara says.

"I don't know," Kal begins to say, "I like her." he finished with a smile, as if remembering something familiar.

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