Operation Cave Boa (Pt.4 - Finale)

“What the hell is that?” Adam says, running out of the Batcave with Ivy. Shots rip through the air above them. Adam looks out of the window and sees 1, 2, 3, 4 armored vehicles filled with Luthor soldiers roll up to the house.

“What’s the situation?” Says Ivy.

“4 vans. Lots of Luthor’s men. Scarecrow’s kid and another guy I don’t know.” Adam replies.

"Snipers too," Sharon stumbles down the stairs, clutching her shoulder with a red outlined hand, rifle dangling on its strap, "They've got more on flanking the Manor on either side. We've got to get the hell out of-"

Her last words are cut off, and she falls the last several steps on her back.

“What the hell?!” Adam rushes over and sees her wound. “She’s shot. Bleeding out. Wrap her up,” Adam gets another one of his father’s masks and puts it on, “I’m going out. Sneak out the back, I have a plan.”

Isley slides to her and sends some spare vine she concealed below her clothes over the wound. "Are you mad? Between the troopers and the snipers what in the hell are you gonna do out there?"


Lyra and Daniel sit and talk in the bunker. A deck of cards lay at their feet, they’re both smiling. Casper can’t seem to forget his worries for a bit, his son’s and Lyra’s happiness is a welcome gift. He quickly stops acting like a fool and remembers why he’s there. “Lyra, a word.”

Lyra started and squeals. “Don't do that to me.” she said clearly upset. It was not an unexpected reaction. She looked at Casper for a moment before asking. “Did you find Adam?” She quickly gets to her feet.

“Is he ok? He’s hurt… again isn't he?” she asked.

Casper adjusts his glasses, “He’s not… yet. He’s pinned down and needs your help.”

“Where is he?” she said. This news almost sends her into a panic. She half opens her wings to take off only to remember that; one they were inside and two she did not know where Adam was.

“Wayne Manor, the bat went back to his nest. Luthor’s men must’ve followed him. Witch Doctor, Alpha, and Deadshot are there with multiple platoons.” He can see how much this worries Lyra, Casper sometimes forgets how hurt this little bird is. “We can save them Lyra, I have a plan.”

“Let’s go now.” she said. Anger crossing her face. She was tired of being afraid.

Graves monitored on her tablet as the toxin was swept into the target's system, both paralyzing them as well as assaulting the mind with highly potent psychosis inducing chemicals.

"I have to say Crane, I'm impressed. That's a nasty little killswitch you crafted, well done," she applauds over the radio.

“Save your thanks until we capture the heroes. Permission to enter?”

[I]"Granted. Exercise extreme caution still, we don't know how many could be inside. We have drones monitoring for movement beyond perimeter, they aren't getting away this time."[/i]

Nathan looks to Enzo and begins to walk forward. After his first step, the door swings open and a vigilante steps out. The vigilante. The same damn vigilante that Nathan beat… and still won!

“Hey Witch Doctor, how’s the hand?” Adam says as he steps out, God he hopes his plan works.

“How’s your back?” Nathan spits out. All of the Luthor soldiers change their stance, every weapon pointed at Adam.

"Crane, for the love all that is holy do not bite the bait!" Graves barks over the radio, "Draw him out, talk him down, then take him down."

”Do not worry Miss Graves, we have a plan and this ”Bat-boy” won't know what hits him” declared Enzo as he stands by the open doors and monitors his natural venom levels. Oh yes, this ”bat” is more arrogant than the last one and it will be a pleasure breaking his back.

Shit, I need more time. “What’s the problem, your parents didn’t think this raid was worth their time? They had to send their two-bit criminal sons to handle it?” Wasn’t the strongest attack but at least they were still talking, still stalling.

“I run more of this city than my father, and it’d be a pleasure to bring your corpse to Luthor. Even more so than any strand of fear gas I could concoct.” Nathan sneered.

"Lawton, get a bead but hold fire," Graves' voice crackled over the radio. The side door of her apc swung open with a bang, and she hit the ground in full combat suit, megaphone in one hand, the other resting on her radio piece.

"Dammit you two," she muttered before raising the phone to her mouth. "Gotham Police! Face away from me and raise your hands or you will be fired upon!"

She then covered the phone. "I swear so help me if you give me the same problems your parents did I'll hang both of you by your toes!" she snapped at both Enzo and Crane. "By the book, dammit!"

“It seems like there are some problems that need solving, I’m sorry for any inconvenience I’ve caused you. Save your bullets, I’ll turn myself in.” Lie. “It wouldn’t matter anyway, I’m bulletproof,” Lie, “but you win.” Adam places both hands behind his head, interlocking his fingers. He brushes his fingers up and down his father’s old mask, he’s looking for something. Adam feels a small bump. Bingo. He tears a small hole in the back of the mask and pulls out a small metal capsule. A smoke bomb. He chucks it toward his assailants and ducks behind a broken column. ‘Jesus it’s taking them a while.’

Bullets ripped through the air from almost all angles, punching holes in the exterior walls of the manor, kicking dust and throwing splinters from stone and wood alike. Within the smoke, it could easily be heard by all that Graves had ditched the device for her natural voice, shouting orders to the assembled units mostly to open fire and take him down. After the initial burst of gunfire, a much more consistent fusillade set the rhythm, a black armored soldier having emerged from the top of the APC with his machine gun, chewing through the pillar that protected the new Bat and spattering rounds to either side.

A streak of darkness flowed from one of the truck's shadows, pulling a couple of Luthor's soldiers into it. Another pulled the APC in.

Lyra appears from one of the shadows of an armored truck. She opened her wings and got into the air quickly, grabbing one of the men on the truck and throwing him to the ground before surging upward again. "Adam, make a shadow!” she yelled. She dived at another soldier and hoped Adam heard her. She didn't really have much time to worry about him as she was busy dodging bullets.

“Lyra?” Adam whispered to himself. ‘Make a shadow.’ Casper! Adam quickly took off his hoodie and threw it in the air. Casper emerged from the shadow on the ground and hid behind the same column Adam was.

“Let’s go.” Casper said in a gruff tone.

“No! There’s people inside the Manor, one’s injured. Take them first.” Adam yelled amongst the gunfire.

“I’m not risking my operation for-“

“Do it.” Adam demanded as he leapt into the air with Lyra.

Casper phased his way into the Manor and saw 3 women. He only recognized one, Poison Ivy.

And she was pissed.

"Aw hell no!" she snapped, throwing her arms out and up like a conductor at an orchestra, sundering the ground beneath him in tangled webs of white vines, coiled into immense tendrils that threatened to crush him.

Casper sighs as he adjusts his glasses, “We don’t have time for this.” He says in an annoyed tone. “Clench up.” Casper announces as he phases through Ivy’s tendrils and grasps the group in a big hug. They fall into a small shadow near the staircase.

“Adam?” Lyra called seeing him. She had a mixture of relief, surprise, and anger across her face.

“What are you doing?'' she yelled as she dodged another bullet. It came dangerously close to hitting her. She dove again picking up another soldier and sent him flying into a pillar. Adam was supposed to be out of her by now or so she thought. This was not the plan, did he not listen to her?

“We need to distract them for a bit,” Adam says as he kicks a Luthor soldier, breaking their helmet in the process, “Trust me.”

“God dammit!” Yells Witch Doctor, “FIRE EVERYTHING YOU’VE GOT LAWTON!”

“Friends of yours,” Lyra calls. She dives on yet another soldier this time flipping in the air and bringing her feet down on the guy's shoulders before taking off again.

Less than a half mile away, that order was answered. A shot rang out, cutting the air as it found its mark. One needle-like round of green crystal, tipped in a penetrating cone of silvery metal, punched clean through from the front of the left shoulder to the back, just an inch and a half above the heart.

If Adam had stayed in that one spot half a second longer, the bullet would’ve pierced his heart. The bullet went straight through his shoulder. Adam’s breath became cold as he gripped his injured shoulder. “Get down!” He yelled in a hoarse tone as he rocketed toward the ground. He opened one of the armored truck’s doors and used it as a shield.

Lyra heard Adam pasing just long enough for a stray bullet to hit her. The shock sent her plummeting to the ground. The impact knocked her out and broke her right wing.

Just as Adam grabs the armored truck's door to use as a shield, Enzo quickly goes up behind him and sends a startling venom-powered kick at his previously injured shoulder. Before Adam can recover from the surprise attack, Enzo grabs him from his injured shoulder and leans into his ear to say “Estúpido chico, you should have stayed in the shadows where you belong” as he throws him to the right of the APC. Enzo starts walking confidently toward him as he lays there on the ground “My father broke your fathers back so it’s only fitting I do the same to you Bat-boy” as he cracks his knuckles in anticipation.

Adam gasps for air, he can’t even scream in pain. His vision is blurry, but he can still make out his attacker. After a couple more gasps, Adam jolts up and hits Bane’s son with an uppercut, but this hurts even more than the bullet wound. Adam balls his fists up and takes a stand, he probably doesn’t look too menacing since he looks like shit.

Enzo takes the weak uppercut in stride and glares predatorily towards Adam as he readies his fists in response “Let me teach you a few lessons bat-boy so you better pay attention” He dashes forward and acts to punch him but side steps out of the way and hits him hard in the knee bone before dashing back to his original position. “Lesson Number 1: Always fight like your life depends on it” commanded Enzo as he drops into a predator pose, ready for the next strike.

Adam saw Casper in a shadow near the mansion. Well he thinks it’s Casper, his vision isn’t the best right now. His opponent stood in front of him, ready for a fight. There’s no way I win this fight. “You know that story about Bane breaking the Bat’s back?” Adam huffed out as he struggled to get up. He used the truck as support and gripped the door handle behind him. “Bane lost at the end.” Adam said with a smirk and looked up, Lyra already gone. Adam quickly entered the truck and disappeared into the shadows

Enzo regretfully sees him disappear from the shadows but with determined steps, he walks toward a few blood droplets that Adam left during their fight. He calls for one of the soldiers to get a sample and with satisfaction across his face, he looks off into the shadows ”Lesson Number 2: Always have a backup plan. We will meet again Bat but this time I will break you.”

Behind him, amidst the smoke and shadows, stood Graves, eyes fixed on Wayne Manor.

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