The King Arrives

The sounds of bells woke Gendry from his 4:00 P.M. nap. ‘A bell on the hour, not the best way to tell time.’ He thought to himself. He swung his feet to the right side of the bed and rubbed any sleep from his eyes. A soft groan of a naked woman can be heard on the other side of the bed, ‘Shit, forgot about her. He put on a grey robe and tiptoed to the living room.

Although he’s lived there all his life, he cannot deny the beauty of it. Oak wood floors that are polished everyday. Smooth stone bricks that covered the walls. And the chandelier! Who could forget about the chandelier? The big glass sculpture illuminated by small, tinkling lights brought the room together.

Gendry plopped down on the red sofa and turned on the TV, and it was still replaying the same video from last night. A new group of young heroes fighting Luthor’s men. It’s been taken down too many times for Gendry to count, but damn was it entertaining.Technically, Markovia doesn’t have any affiliation with the U.S., so what’s the problem?

The main doors burst open and Kristof runs in. Kristof’s one of Gendry’s best friends, and most loyal informant of the outside world. “My king! My king! I have news! We have to prepare the people. But maybe we should wait, although I have-” Kristoph starts to pace around.

“Jesus Kris, just tell me.” Gendry exclaims while smiling, getting up from his chair.

“Luthor’s men. They’re coming.”

Gendry’s smile fell. “Luthor’s coming?”

“One of his servants, a ‘Black Manta’.”


“One of our informants from D.C. contacted us just as his plane took off. Around 12 hours.”

“Damn it.” Gendry mumbled to himself. “Do you know what for?”

“Unsure, but one of our men believes it’s to strike an alliance.” Kris says.

Bullshit’ Gendry thinks to himself, ‘Since when has Luthor ever asked for something?’ “Organize a meeting with the townsmen, they need to know of who’s coming.”

“My king, I would advise against-”

“Now.” Gendry said in a deeper tone. With this, Kris nodded and left.

Gendry never liked what was happening in America, Luthor’s hand had polluted it. He used to visit the U.S. with his father when he was a kid. They never had as much of a pull over there than here. I mean… c’mon. “‘Geoforce’ a C-List superhero” or “King of Markovia”? You do the math.

Gendry went back into his room to get something a bit more… kingly. He opens his closet full of designer clothes and expensive robes. He takes out a black shirt, a big brown and orange windbreaker, and some regular old jeans. Very kingly.

“Hey Gen, what are you doing?” Says the naked woman still in Gendry’s bed. His eyes widen as he turns back around. To see the woman wearing his crown.

“Umm hey… Natalie.”

“Natasha.” The woman says bluntly.

“Oh, right. There’s going to be a meeting in a little bit, so get breakfast and get dressed.” Gendry goes to the woman and picks up his crown with an awkward smile. “Please tell one of the servants what you would like to eat.” Gendry says, inching toward the door.

“Hey Gendry.”

Gendry winces, “Yeah?”

“You’re a dick.”

“I know.” Gendry says as he leaves his room

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