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On The Run

Forty years ago Freddy "Fingers" Figaroli was the new head of his criminal organization. Freddy grew up on the hard streets and began his life of crime at the age of ten. He started small with picking pockets and being a look out for gangs then over time he advanced to a goon and finally a crime boss. He was as proud as he was ruthless. After getting his hands on illegal technology he kidnapped some scientists and forced them to do experiments on test subjects or they would die with their families. To make it worse the test subjects were orphans and kidnapped children they acquired once a week.

Freddy had a vision of becoming a super powered being to expand his territory, however he was not dumb enough to experiment on himself so he sacrificed the children instead. Freddy cared not for humanity and only for his selfish goals. As time went on and many failed experiments occurred, Freddy was finally seeing some results. After over ten years and over a thousand test subjects, ten of the children showed results. Over the next thirty years they were trained to become assassins and bodyguards for Freddy as he was now looking for ways to steal or acquire his own powers.

Sadly due to his violent lifestyle he was often confronted by superheroes who slowed down his progress. Freddy was fed up with the heroes and after a while his assassins and bodyguards were able to keep the heroes at bay for him to escape. Sadly this routine over time cost him nine of his assassins/bodyguards. His last assassin was an unknown boy who was found as an orphan and picked up as a test subject for Freddy's organization. The boy had no name showed much progress and was food driven for easier training.

Among the boys powers and skills included superhuman strength, enhanced stamina,
a healing factor, near invulnerability, virtual indestructibility, immortality, metal shark teeth that grow back when lost and gills for breathing under water on neck. The boys appearance struck fear into the hearts of the weak and so Freddy named him Jaws like the shark in the movie. Jaws stood up at 7'2" at 271 pounds with a tanned muscular build, blue eyes and blonde hair.

Jaws has always been a man of few words and was conditioned to kill for the evil organization that created him. He was trained to be loyal and persistent. He would hunt his target relentlessly till he killed them. He has killed by the hundreds and sleeps like a baby right afterwards.

However everything changed when Doomsday came. The heroes were no more and now all the criminals hiding in the shadows could make a move for more power. Of course they still competed for power and turf, but it got uglier now since the threat of the supers were gone.

Jaws was now working overtime and treated like an employee at a Black Company (A company that forces overtime on an employee without the pay. Sadly Jaws was obedient since he was breed that was and he never asked for anything in his life. He was given nice things and plenty of food for his efforts. So for a long time Jaws was content with his empty and sad lifestyle. Of course this changed a year ago when he accidently met April, a young, cute, nerdy scientist who worked a company specialized in robotics.

When Jaws and April met it was like in the storybooks of true love at first sight. Without even a word they understood each other completely. Since then Jaws would spend what time he could when he was not working and other times he would finish a job early so he could spend time with her. They were happy and she never judged him or pried into his past. So for almost a year they were in an odd, but happy relationship till Freddy found out through his minions who were jealous of Jaws success.

Now Freddy Fingers could have let Jaws enjoy the small happiness he acquired to keep him loyal, but it was not his style. In his eyes Jaws was a pet and pets had no rights so he had to make an example of Jaws in order to save face on his Empire of Crime. Freddy has April kidnapped and then summoned Jaws to come in for a new mission. So when the unsuspecting Jaws entered Freddy's office he was shocked to see April in her under ware and all tied up while sitting on a large plastic tarp.

Jaws was in shock to see Freddy had found out as the minions who ratted him out snickerd in the background. Jaws was scared for the first time since he was afraid to loose April to his Boss. Jaws was helpless as he saw the tears on Aprils bloody face. It was then that Freddy gave a grand evil monologue on the rules of his pets and that Jaws had not received permission to date anyone since he was a pet dog. Freddy taunted Jaws as he flaunted his power about while praising himself in a grandiose fashion. Jaws was not paying attention to the babbling of his horrible boss as he was fixated on April and this pissed off Freddy to the point of putting his gun to her head and pulling the trigger.

At that moment time slowed down for Jaws as he saw the love of his life taken away by the man who he had served over three decades now. Jaws rushed to Aprils side as he tried wish her back and stop the bleeding with his hands. The tears rolled down his eyes as he was in panic mode. It wasn't till the mocking laughter of the others kicked in that his eyes turned black, much like a sharks did.

It was at that moment he felt Freddy's gun on the back of his head and heard the click of the hammer that he released his rage. When his mind came to he was covered in blood and so was Freddy's office. Body parts of Freddy and all his men were scattered about in a brutal fashion. He knew right away he was a dead man and anyone affiliated with his boss would likely put a target on his back for various reasons.

So Jaws looted what he could and changed clothes in order to not look suspicious leaving the building. He put April in a body back and stole one of the minion's cars before leaving the building. Since it was night time he wasn't to worried about nosy people as he drove to a deserted area. He then gave April a proper burial and said some words to mourn her in his own way. He kept the cross she wore all the time as a keep sake to remember her. Then with a heavy heart he cried his heart out before leaving her unmarked grave.

While in his depression he holed up in an old safe house for a month, while trying to find a reason to continue living. He no longer had his love or his job and was probably a wanted man now so he had little to cling to in his sad pathetic life. Of course it all changed when his safehouse was infiltrated by a squad of mercs. Jaws made short work of them and was again on the run as he was now on foot since the car's tires were cut up.

Jaws looked around and sighed as he went back into the safehouse to loot the dead and dismembered mercs for everything of value till he found the keys to the black van they came in. He knew they would have a GPS tracker in the van, but it was a long walk to Gotham from where he was at. So he tossed his big duffle back in the van and took off towards Gotham. It was going to take a few days to get to Gotham so he was forced to make a few pitstops along the way. Using some petty cash he stocked up on gas, drinks and food where he could along the way. It made him nervous that he was not being followed yet but figured it was just bad communication among the syndicate that was after him. Granted he left no evidence of himself behind, his killing style was a big sign for any criminal who knew of his reputation.

As he was nearing Gotham harbor he drove to the docks at night and secretly loaded the van into a cargo crate trailer and closed the door. He grinned to reveal his metal shark teeth as he closed the doors and put a lock on them. When the cargo container gets loaded on the ship it will take it somewhere far away and lead his enemies on a wild goose chase for a good while. Jaws then snuck out of the ship harbor and made his way across Gotham bridge on foot. It was a long walk but he was used to that since he had a rough life.

After making it into Gotham City at night he looked around to see the night life was still popular in certain parts of Gotham. The club goers were loud, proud and under the influence of who knows what. Seeing as he was tired he needed a place to stay the night. Jaws was also hungry so he picked up some Chinese food to go and rented a cheap hotel room for the night with cash since credit cards were easy to trace. Sadly Jaws was a bit to easy to identify to anyone who was looking for him.

Once inside his room he put his bag on the floor and took off his suit coat. Then he ate his meal while watching the news. Once he was done he took a bath to get the blood off his skin under his suit. He felt refreshed after a hot shower and dried off before looking at himself in the mirror. He stared at himself with mixed emotions as he was in conflict between his anger and his heart. He wanted to be left alone and they would stop hunting him. He was alone in the world and not even the heroes could help him now, even if he asked them to.

Jaws then washed his suit to get the blood stains off and hung them to dry in the closet. He put on a new suit without the jacket and then put on his gun holsters. He had to be ready in case they found him anytime soon so he had his stuff packed and ready to go except for his wet suit. Then he laid on the bed which was too small for him as his feet hung over the edge. He was used to it at this point since his size was not ordinary like his teeth. He rested his large pistol by his side as he watched the news till he drifted off.

His nightmares of seeing April die before his eyes haunted every night and tormented him non stop. In a panic he woke up and grabbed his pistol when he heard noises from outside. He peeked out the curtain t see it was some drug dealer thug leaving from upstairs. Jaws sighed as he was on edge. He put his pistol in his holster and watched the news to see if he was on it. He was hungry and needed to plan his next move.


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