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Dream A Little Dream

His nightmares of seeing April die before his eyes haunted every night and tormented him non stop. In a panic he woke up and grabbed his pistol when he heard noises from outside. He peeked out the curtain to see it was some drug dealer thug leaving from upstairs. Jaws sighed as he was on edge. He put his pistol in his holster and watched the news to see if he was on it. He was hungry and needed to plan his next move.

Jaws didn't sleep a wink that night. Nightmares of loosing his beloved April haunted him. Even though he destroyed the Syndicate he world for it didn't mean he was off the hook. he had no idea if anyone would put a price on his head for his betrayal or just to get him out of the way. Since Jaws killed a lot of people he naturally had a lot of enemies. He did have a few contacts he considered reaching out to but this meant taking a chance on getting exposed. The smart thing to do now is lay low and see if anyone comes after him. He figured he would sit tight for a while and then check for any rumors with a contact he had a bit more faith in.

A month passed and Jaws managed to avoid being found. He was both relieved and nervous about this though. Feeling the need to move on he contacted an old ally and asked for a job with a low profile setting. The contacts name was Fat Tony and he ran an Italian restaurant as a front for his underground deals. Fat Tony was an information broker and a facilitator for various parties to get things done off the record and under the table, be it fencing stolen loot, laundering dirty money, selling info, setting up contracts for assassins and finding bodyguards. It was amazing how Fat Tony managed to stay out of jail with all the stuff he did behind the scenes. Many believed he paid off the cops or at least had blackmail on them. Fat Tony was not a big time crime boss nor was he one to throw his weight around, however he was simple and discreet businessman who got things done.

Jaws had the pleasure of working with Fat Tony in the past to find some thieves on the run. Not only did Fat Tony help him find the thieves, he helped launder the stolen loot for Jaws's boss. So when Jaws sent a message to meet with Fat Tony he was surprised to get an invitation for a meeting. Jaws wore a simple disguise to hide his identity. Since he wasn't much for words he let Fat Tony do all the talking. Jaws was a bit shocked when he heard Fat Tony mention the story he heard about Jaws's old boss and syndicate. According to Fat Tony, Jaws's old boss got caught ripping off a client by the name of Franky B and was taken down for it. Apparently he was skimming off the top and killed Franky B's client's son. Jaws was surprised to hear that version of the story. So apparently Franky B took credit for his Boss's death. This was both a good and bad thing since that would make Jaws a loose end to Franky B.

Seeing that it would be a conflict of interest, Fat Tony told Jaws he would keep him away from Franky B just to be on the safe side. Then he told Jaws he could use a hitter since he was short handed. Jaws agreed to work for Fat Tony on low profile jobs since he didn't want to be seen anytime soon. Fat Tony agreed and told Jaws to take a week to find a place to live in and report for work next week. So Jaws left and walked the neighborhood a bit to find a cheap place to rent. Granted he could afford a nice place, but since he was trying to stay hidden a cheap place didn't keep records or have video security.

By chance Jaws found a cheap loft a few blocks away that met his needs. Of course he had to go buy some cheap furniture so he went to the discount center and bought a decent lazyboy reclining chair a large couch, mini fridge, small dinner table with two chairs. A bed was pointless since he was to big for a king size bed anyway. He bought some cups, plates, bowls and silverware for eating at home. He figured he could buy take out and eat it at home since he couldn't cook. Jaws ended up paying for the furniture to be delivered since it would be weird for him to carry it home on his shoulder.

Since he had time to kill before his furniture was delivered he went and picked up some Chinese for lunch to go. After arriving home he ate three large portions of take out to fill his big body. After an hour his furniture was delivered and it didn't take long till his place was set up. Jaws then put his energy drinks in the mini fridge to cool off for later. Seeing as he time to kill he opened up backpack and cleaned his guns and knives so they would be ready for work. When it got late he packed up his weapons and slept on the recliner.

The next day he went shopping for clothes. Fat Tony recommended a good tailor that made tactical clothing. When Jaws got there he was treated well and taken to a private room where he was measured for his suits and special clothing. Since he was huge, Jaws had to get custom made clothing on a regular basis. The tailor kept his sizes under the name of "Mr. J" for privacy. Jaws ordered some tactical suits, slacks and long sleeved neck sweaters. Since it would take a few days till they were ready, Jaws had time to kill. So to fill his time, he would watch a movie at the dollar theater. Since it was cheap and in a bad part of town, not many people were in the theater with him. Jaws preferred the romantic movies since they helped him remember April and her smile.

Later on that week Jaws had his home and clothing in order so he was ready to work. He then had some breakfast and made his way to Fat Tony's place. After arriving he got a seat with Fat Tony who gave him a mission. It was a picture of his target and a folder about the target. It was a corrupt city official who had gotten to big for his britches as of late. Normally they would only ruin his career and get a new person in his position but he decided to use blackmail after having his way with a crime lord's daughter after drugging her. This got personal so he needed to have an accident, bit since he was in the public eye a lot it was hard to get to him.

Luckily he was going to have fundraiser on his yacht in a few days and since Jaws could breath underwater he could lay and wait for a good opportunity. Jaws agreed and made his preparations for his mission. Then he found a deserted spot to enter the ocean and swim a few miles to his target's yacht. Jaws waited patiently as the city official made his big speech about cleaning up the city with the support of the people. He was surprisingly charming for a political weasel and well protected by his security detail. For any other hitman it would have been very hard to only kill the city official since they guards would have interfered. However Jaws was very patient as he treaded water for many hours as the city official and his guests ate and drank lots of wine till it was almost nighttime.

Then luck fell on Jaws's side as some of the guests got sick from either to much booze or bad shellfish. Several guests found themselves tossing their cookies on the side of the boat. The city official tried to avoid his sick guests but felt sick as well so he was isolated at the front of the boat as he tossed his cookies over the edge of the railing. This grossed out the guards who looked away and tried not to gag. Jaws saw his opportunity and aimed his small harpoon rifle at the city official and fired it. To avoid the loud sound of his attack Jaws used a rubber band powered harpoon gun to shoot a small spear into the city officials chest.

The gagging and barfing kept the guards from noticing the officials grunt of pain before he was pulled overboard by the tether line from jaws. The body guards didn't have time to save the city official from going overboard and barely saw him sink into the water. Jaws was already underwater and swimming down to drown the city official which didn't take long since he was drunk and bleeding a lot. Jaws then removed the harpoon from his chest and dragged the city official to the yacht's anchor so he could loop his leg into the heavy chain. This of course attracted sharks and Jaws swam away to watch the sharks feast on the city official. The shark attack would make it hard to identify how the official died.

Jaws waited till he was satisfied by the damaged the sharks did on the official before he left. Since it was dark underwater Jaws was able to make his escape unnoticed as some guards in scuba gear went looking for the official. of course the shark frenzy made it hard to get to close as a few guards were attacked by the sharks. Jaws wasted no time gong back to his hidden part of the beach to dry off and change clothes. He bent the spear gun in half and tossed it into the deep water so it would be found anytime soon. He then walked home in the dark. Along the way he picked up some Italian food at Fat Tony's as he reported his job was done.

Tony was in a good mood as he told Jaws he would pay him when he saw the police report. Jaws agreed and went home to eat alone in his loft. As he sat there alone he sighed as he missed April. He wanted to see her smile again. He wanted to feel her small but soft hands on his big arms as she nuzzled against him. She was the Yin to his Yang and now they were separated by death. Jaws contemplated suicide but lost the urge since he was made to hard to kill. He experienced so many close calls and near death experiences that he noticed he recovered very fast and didn't die. He wondered if he was unkillable, but wasn't dumb enough to test out the theory.

After he ate he cleaned up his mess and sat on his recliner with a pistol in his lap as he stared off at the ceiling with his sunglasses on. He closed his eyes as he dreamt of being with his beloved April again.


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