The Apprentice

He then walked home in the dark. Along the way he picked up some Italian food at Fat Tony's as he reported his job was done.
Tony was in a good mood as he told Jaws he would pay him when he saw the police report. Jaws agreed and went home to eat alone in his loft. As he sat there alone he sighed as he missed April. He wanted to see her smile again. He wanted to feel her small but soft hands on his big arms as she nuzzled against him. She was the Yin to his Yang and now they were separated by death. Jaws contemplated suicide but lost the urge since he was made to hard to kill. He experienced so many close calls and near death experiences that he noticed he recovered very fast and didn't die. He wondered if he was unkillable, but wasn't dumb enough to test out the theory.
After he ate he cleaned up his mess and sat on his recliner with a pistol in his lap as he stared off at the ceiling with his sunglasses on. He closed his eyes as he dreamt of being with his beloved April again.

The next day Jaws woke up to a lot of yelling and screaming next door. He was annoyed since it ruined his somewhat peaceful sleep. He was dreaming about being with his deceased lover and not to happy to wake up to screaming. After looking at the clock on the wall he saw it was seven in the morning as he sighed. He figured he would wash his face and get some breakfast in case Tony had a job for him. Once he was cleaned up he made his way down the hall past his noisy neighbors and down the stairs toward the outside door of the lofts. Since it was in a poor part of town the rent was cheap and the cops hardly showed up so it was perfect for him to lay low in. Jaws walked down the street since he didn't have a vehicle yet and ended up at a taco shop.

After downing about six extra large breakfast tacos he paid his tab and left the shop feeling better. Realizing he could use some snacks for his place he headed to the local small grocery shop to pick up drinks, power bars and some cans of mixed nuts. This way he could snack at the loft without having to leave all the time. Since he didn't want to get to much attention he needed to limit how often he showed his face around. It was bad enough he stood out due to his size and metal teeth so he wanted to play it safe for now. As it is he had to worry about any supers, cops and syndicate members looking for him since he had killed a lot people from all three groups in his time.

After purchasing his groceries at the store he decided to make his way to Tony's for some small talk and more job opportunities. Jaws needed to get more money so he could afford to move to a nicer place in the future once he could show his face again. The walk was a bit long since he was on foot but it didn't bother him to much since it helped him learn more about the layout of the area. Along the way jaws saw a teen with blonde and green hair ahead of him yapping on her phone which he found annoying about kids today.

Then he saw the reflection on a window ahead of him and recognized a group of men in suits from a syndicate branch flowing him. His fun day was now ruined as he played it cool and continued his walk to see what they were going to do. After a while he turned into an old building that had turned into a crack house for junkies. Jaws used this place since no one cared for junkies and they didn't do well in a court of law since they had brain damage.

After entering the building he quickly put some distance between himself and the door. Then he his around a corner to see if they were following him. Sure enough they entered the doors and pulled out their weapons after looking around. Jaws's jaw tightened as he was being hunted again. He was going to have to wipe them out and move again if this continued. He was very annoyed since he just got work and money again. If things escalated he might have to destroy all parts of the syndicate, but that would attract the Villain groups and he was not in the mood to fight all of them as well especially Superman Prime, Joker and Slade. Those guys were bad news no matter how the story was told.

So Jaws made his way upstairs to find a better killing stage since he only had one pistol and they were packing some heavy gear like automatic, and energy based weapons. Jaws passed down several doors along the upstairs hallway since they were just dead ends. Eventually he made it to the emergency fire staircase and hide behind the door as he pulled out his large knife and pistol for a big fight. Oddly enough there were bullet holes in the door so he had a ready made peep hole to spy from.

Jaws watched patiently as the armed men in suits made their way upstairs and looked around. They took up positions as they began searching each door in the hallway. One by one they kicked open a door and began shooting up a room before moving to the next room and shooting it up as well. Jaws kept his cool as they got closer and closer room by room towards his location. Then he heard several screams from some of the rooms the syndicate men were shooting up. Jaws figured they were unlucky junkies caught in the crossfire of these ruthless monsters in armored dress suits.

Then as they moved to another room he heard more and more screams before the shooting took its place. Then the men got to the last room and kicked the door open and began shooting it up. At that moment Jaws burst thru the fire exit door and plowed through the men in suits as he shot one in the head and stabbed another in the head. The men shooting up the room were completely caught off-guard as jaws bounded up and shot them from behind in the head. he avoided body shots since their suits had thin bullet resistant armor in it like his did. Having the element of surprise gave Jaws an edge to avoid getting hit by an energy weapon. Using his powerful muscles he crushed the heads of the injured men and thru them like rag dolls at their fellow killers.

After a brutal fight Jaws managed to kill all six of the men in suits by destroying their heads. After making sure they were all dead he began looting them for weapons, ammo, money, jewelry and identifications. He then stuffed the gear into a duffle bag he found on the floor that was left by the men in suits. Luckily he found a few towels and cleaner in the bag as well. It was a common habit to clean off the blood before so they wouldn't attract to much attention and the suits were stainproof. As he wiped his hands and face clean he heard a noise in one of the rooms which put him back on guard. So he reloaded his pistol and slowly made his way into the last room that was shot up.

Much to Jaws dismay he expected to see dead junkies but instead he saw dead teenagers in clean clothing. Then he saw movement from the corner of his eye and aimed his gun at the closet and slowly opened it. What he saw shocked his core like a cattle prod. It was the scared girl with green hair crying quietly while clutching another girl with her. Jaws kept his guard up and saw her friend was already dead and they were clearly not junkies. Normally Jaws wouldn't hesitate to kill anyone who was a threat to himself or a target, but this was clearly different now since an innocent girl who was the spitting image of his deceased April except with green streaks in her hair. Jaws actually felt nervous as he stared at her with a nervous tremble in his throat.

Jaws: Who are you?

The scared girl was shaken up real bad but still managed to answer him.

Kat: Margaret

Jaws: Do you know these guys?

Kat nodded after looking at the few dead men with crushed heads.

Kat: Hunters.

Jaws: Are they hunting you?

Kat: Yes. They found out were are supers.

Jaws then realized they were not hunting him but the kids in this crack house. He had forgotten about the ongoing hunt for supers not willing to join the Syndicates or Villain Leagues. Since he usually had more dangerous missions in his past he had never had to hunt supers before.

Kat: Are you going to kill me?

Jaws: No. I thought they were after me.

Kat: Are you a super?

Jaws shook his head no.

Jaws: I'm a retired killer. I thought they were here to finish me off.

Kat: Oh. So what now?

Jaws: Do you have anywhere to go?

Kat: No. They killed everyone I ever knew.

Jaws: Its what they do.

Jaws stared at Kat for a moment as he worked up the nerve to speak his mind. Kat looked concerned as he was starring at her. Then Jaws broke the silence with an unexpected sentence. As he looked her over he saw that Kat was around 5' tall with blonde hair (with green highlights), green eyes, light skinned and a thin muscular frame.

Jaws: You can stay with me if you want.

Kat: Seriously? Why?

Jaws: Call it a whim.

Kat: You are gonna spare me on a whim?

Jaws: Something like that.

Kat: Do I have to do anything in return. I am not ready for that adult stuff.

Jaws: No. Just keep a low profile and I'll help you out.

Kat: Well its either you or them huh? I guess I'm safer with you even if you scare the hell out of me.

Jaws: Comes with the job.

Jaws then helped Kat clean the blood of herself before leaving out the back door. They were a good ways away before they heard the sirens approaching the building they were in. Luckily Kat had a hoodie to hide her face and hair from attention. Of course seeing the huge Jaws next to the tiny Kat made them look like an odd couple. Once they got back to Jaws's loft they made their way to his room and it was there that Kat broke the silence.

Kat: Wow you have no decorating taste at all huh?

Jaws: Its temporary. Like a safehouse.

Kat: Ohhhhhh……. cause you are being hunted too huh?

Kat felt nervous as she took her hood off her head and looked around.

Kat: So mister big time killer what do you do here?

Jaws: Eat. Sleep. Then do a job once in a while.

Kat: I thought you were retired?

Jaws was not in the mood to shared but the fact that Kat looked so much like April he found himself opening up to her far to easily.

Jaws: I am. I worked for the Head of a Syndicate as the head assassin for all my life. However I met a woman who made me happy on day and they killed her in front of me so I killed them all.

Kat was very confused by the story so she probed even more.

Kat: Hold on a sec. Why would they kill your girl and if you killed them all how are they hunting you?

Jaws: I was a tool they made in a lab for killing. Tools are not allowed to be happy or they get ideas of their own on how things should be. They made an example of me and it cost them their lives. As for me being hunted still......I only destroyed the Head branch of the Syndicate. They had a lot more branches like a tree. I am not sure how much info they will find while investigating the crime so I am laying low for the time being.

Kat: So you got worried while they were hunting us then?

Jaws: Yeah something like that. So what's your story kid?

Kat shrugged as it was her turn to share her background story.

Kat: My name is Kat Margaret Power and my hero name is Pixie. I am 18 years old. My parents are Jim and Maggie Powers and my siblings are Jack, Alex and Julie. One by one they were all killed as were hunted like criminals. My siblings and I were born with powers and did the whole super hero bit for a while. I originally only had Disintegrate powers. I could disintegrate any kind of matter, including water and air molecules, store the energy and expel it in balls of explosive energy or regenerate with her power. I later trained in gymnastics and Karate. My sister Julie Power had Lightspeed (acceleration) unaided flight by means of rapid forward propulsion that left a highly visible tri-colored rainbow band of light in her wake. My bother Jack Power was the Mass Master (density) control over his own density. He can turn himself into a cloudy, gaseous form, make himself small, dense, super-dense form and is able to create a molecular density force field. My last brother Alex Power was called Gee (gravity) since he could control gravity in a range of 100 ft. Later on I found I could switch powers with my three siblings. Then as each one was killed I gained their powers as well.

Jaws: Why didn't you use your powers to save yourself?

Kat: I panicked. We were not expecting to get caught so easily. We haven't used our powers for along time and didn't think they could find us.

Jaws: But they did.

Kat: Yeah...….I am worried they might find us again.

Jaws: They track you with the phones.

Kat: They do?

Jaws: Yeah thy have satellites monitoring phone calls all over the world to find threats. So unless you have a preplanned code system they will find you.

Kat: So you know how to avoid it?

Jaws: Yeah. I use an old one for killers so they won't suspect me.

Kat: Sounds convenient. So what job do you do now?

Jaws: Small time assassin work. I deal with rich crooks who become a thorn in someone's side.

Kat: How is that different from before?

Jaws: I have more freedom if I want the job or not. I am not the only one taking jobs from this guy. He has a good rep and stays smalltime so he is left alone by the syndicate groups out there.

Kat: Can I learn the trade too?

Jaws: Are you looking to make money or get revenge?

Kat: Well both of course.

Jaws: Hmmmm………. I can but just so you know there are more of them than us regardless of how many we kill. Guys like Superman Prime, Joker and Slade are all bad news for us. To make it worse supers are an endangered species now. So I suggest you put your revenge on the back burner for now and try improving your skills. If you truly want to change the system you need to change the way you think and make them fight each other before finishing them off from behind.

Kat: have a point. So where do we start?

Over the next few days Jaws taught Kat how the human body works, how guns work and how to study body language. It was a lot for her to take in so she was still green to the process. When Jaws got a job from Tony she would stay in the apartment and clean all the guns before putting them back together. This was part of her training while Jaws was away. With Tony's help Jaws managed to get a few books on human anatomy, gun maintenance and psychology. Tony was curious why Jaws would need such books but Jaws told him it was for brushing up his skills. He had no intention of telling Tony about Kat since it was a personal issue. At this point Jaws had killed a lot of dirty politicians, gang members, dirty cops, corrupt CEOs and even a few corrupt government officials. Sadly after they got to greedy they failed to see they were also expendable.

Since Jaws was doing small time contract jobs it didn't attract the attention of the bigger criminals. However the police were now getting concerned who was killing the dirty members of society. Several detectives were now trying to solve the cold cases. Sadly they lacked any real evidence and nod no leads at all.


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