Flashpoint Pt.1

"Damn, you're pretty fast." Malcom chuckles out of breath. Malcom hadn't trained excessively his whole life, but he was still trained. From what Henry's said, he hasn't trained at all.

"Thanks but I don't think it's quite fair." Henry says walking back to the house.

"Fair?" Malcom asks. Henry doesn't turn around. Malcom runs in front of Henry and asks again, "Sorry, but what do you mean by that?"

"Well I was practically raised in and by the Speedforce. It's only natural that I'm..." Henry's voice trails off.

"Faster?" Malcom says.

"I didn't say that." Henry quickly corrects. He's been breaking out of his shell more, but he still doesn't want to upset anyone.

"Well... it was insinuated." Malcom jokes. He plays it off as a joke but it still hurts. Speedsters live off of being fast. Now that they're in such low supply, well, lets just say it hurt Malcom to realize that he's probably the slowest speedster alive.

Sure, to the normal eye he was fast, but only to the normal eye. He's slower than his father, and now Allen's kid. It also doesn't help that the only thing that made him unique stopped happening. Barry Allen had stopped talking to him.

The young speedsters walk back to the safe house. Iris greets the boys, more Henry than Malcom. ’Man, poor Iris. Illegitimate son of her husband and the son of the man that killed him.’ Just as Malcom was lost in thought, Henry snapped up and blasted out of the house.

“Why did-” Iris begins to ask, but Malcom quickly follows Henry.

Malcolm can barely keep up with Henry, they zip and zoom through the city, finally stopping at an empty cornfield. “Hey Henry, what’re we doing here man?” Malcolm says, walking towards Henry.

“I… it’s the Speedforce. It’s opening.” Henry replies.

“And you know this…” Malcom begins to ask, but quickly remembers Henry’s history. The two boys wait for a while. “Hey man, no offense, but I don’t think anything’s-”


A blue wormhole slices through the air as a speedster wearing red and blue emerges. He falls to the ground and begins to pant. His blonde hair flows from the top, it actually looks a lot like Malcom’s suit. The man gets up and looks at the two boys, suddenly Malcom realizes.

The man… is Malcom!

“Where… is Adam?” Future Malcom says.

“Umm, a couple of questions. First, who are you? Second, where’d you get that dope suit? Third, who’s Adam?” Malcom asks.

Future Malcom gets up and walks toward Malcom, “I’m you but… you don’t know Adam yet? You know… son of Batman and Wonder Woman? Leader of the Justice League? That Adam?”

“Batman had a son?” Henry chimes in.

“Yes! You’ve met him, both of you!” Future Malcom looks at the boys, but they’re lost. “Dammit, I went too far back, I don’t have much time.” He grabs Malcom by the shoulders, “Listen, there’s an evil guy who’s traveling back in time to kill Batman before his recorded death. You guys need to go back to the Battle of Gotham and stop that, but only that, got it?”

“Woah, woah, woah, hollup. Why can’t you do it?” Malcom asks.

Future Malcom smirks, “Because I’m already dead, the guy traveled back in time and got me a few years back. Only had enough time to make this run.” Future Malcom places his hand on his side and starts to fall back. “You guys got this, don’t worry.”

“Wait, who’s the guy?” Henry asks Future Malcom.

“It’s…” Future Malcom winces in pain, “Blue Beetle” Future Malcom turns to his past self, “Please, do this for me…”. Future Malcom begins to fade in and out of existence in a blue light until there’s nothing left.

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