Walking On Eggshells

Over the next few days Jaws taught Kat how the human body works, how guns work and how to study body language. It was a lot for her to take in so she was still green to the process. When Jaws got a job from Tony she would stay in the apartment and clean all the guns before putting them back together. This was part of her training while Jaws was away. With Tony's help Jaws managed to get a few books on human anatomy, gun maintenance and psychology. Tony was curious why Jaws would need such books but Jaws told him it was for brushing up his skills. He had no intention of telling Tony about Kat since it was a personal issue. At this point Jaws had killed a lot of dirty politicians, gang members, dirty cops, corrupt CEOs and even a few corrupt government officials. Sadly after they got to greedy they failed to see they were also expendable.

Since Jaws was doing small time contract jobs it didn't attract the attention of the bigger criminals. However the police were now getting concerned who was killing the dirty members of society. Several detectives were now trying to solve the cold cases. Sadly they lacked any real evidence and nod no leads at all.

Kat worked hard from the loft studying about guns, the human body and psychology. Granted it was a lot of work, but she really had nothing better to do since she was cooped up in the loft anyway. When she needed a break she would train with yoga, push ups, sit ups, and other simple exercises Jaws recommended to make her stronger. One thing he had train with was small weights on her arms and legs, which got easier over time so he had her increase the gravity on the weights a pound each when she got used to it. This both trained her body and her power control at the same time. So after a month went by she was wearing writs and ankle weights at twenty pounds each. At first Kat complained but since Jaws ignored her she caved in and got used to it.

To make her feel better Jaws would usually score a nice Italian dinner after his missions which was on the heavy side but better than Asian take out which they had most of the time. Despite living together for a bit over a month they didn't talk much unless it was for training or something Kat didn't understand. She didn't bother to talk about justice or superheroes since it was a waste of time after they were wiped out ten years ago.

10 years ago, the world went to hell in a hand basket. The Justice League lost, and Lex Luthor became the leader of the free world. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Shazam, etc. All dead. Gone, taken out by Luthor's pet, Doomsday. A Doomsday infused with Fear Toxin and Bane's Venom. Now, Hunter Drones and Armed Men kneed through every city. Not just the big named ones Metropolis, Gotham, and Central City. All of them.. Luthor finally won, and for 10 years, it stayed that way. Doomsday's locked away somewhere, seething in rage. General Zod rules over Metropolis, Reverse Flash keeps Central City in check, Scarecrow keeps Gotham in fear, and Luthor leads them all. Rumors of a resistance echo like whispers in the shadows.

However Jaws and Kat stay focused on making a simple living and avoid getting involved for the time being. True they could make an attempt and either try to take over the Syndicate or even try to defeat a city lord or even Lex , but the chips were greatly stacked against them and unless they managed to pull it off properly they would not live to reap the benefits of such actions. Since Jaws was an ex Syndicate assassin and Kat was a former hero they really had no place they could fit in anymore. Anyone or anything important to them was destroyed so they needed to use their brains in order to avoid being hunted by larger problems. Jaws figured they would be safe by working as small time killers for hire under Fat Tony who was a small time peace keeper and facilitator of contracts. Tony had quite a few contract killers working for him and was picky on who got what jobs since he had to cater to his clients needs.

The next job Jaws got was to take out a mid level crime lord and make it look like an accident. Apparently he was getting to greedy and looking to start a gang war. The upper Syndicate Management wanted to make it look like an accident to send a message to his supporters that over stepping their place was a bad decision. Rumor had it that the Scarecrow was running Gotham these days and he had several members of the Syndicate Management under him in a pyramid system. Sadly greed was a common occurrence in that line of business so that is where the assassins came in. They got paid to kill no questions asked and if they did well they got more money for bigger hits. Jaws was a top tier assassin so it was easy for him to pull of mid and low tier jobs without any major issues.

However this job was going to require a delicate touch so was planning to have Kat "Make Her Bone" or gain some rep for killing a big name. So under the disguise of going shopping with Kat they did a bit of surveillance while walking around. Granted Jaws did stick out a lot due to his size, having Kat holding his hand by his side as he carried her bags of clothes made them look like a father and daughter out for shopping. This made it easier for them to get a lot of pictures of the area, the target, his defenses and the best options to take him out like and accident.

After their date they went home and dropped off Kat's bags before uploading the pictures to a smartpad so they could see them. Jaws looked the pictures and the target, then he examined the building layout. He looked dat Kat and spoke up.

Jaws: How strong is your gravity control?

Kat: I can control gravity in a range of 100 feet why.

Jaws: So if I wanted you to only crush the top floor of this building you need to be just above it huh?

Kat looked at the picture then nodded.

Kat: Oh I get it. You want me to float to the top of the building and use my gravity control to crush only the top floor huh?

Jaws: Can you do it?

Kat: Well its doable but if I use my Lightspeed power they will see the rainbow it leaves behind when I fly so I will be a sitting duck if I simply float to the top of the building.

Jaws: Can you carry me while you float?

Kat: Well yeah. Are you gonna protect me while I give yo a ride then?

Jaws nodded at her.

Jaws: I was thinking we can go to a nearby building and get to the roof top in dark clothing then float real high till we are over the building and then slowly down till we are above the roof then you can crush the top floor while our target is in it. This way it will look like a building accident. After that we will float back to using the smoke to hide our escape back up in the sky and then back to the building we came from. I will pack a sniper rifle incase we encounter and guards.

Kat: But if you shoot any guards won't it look like it was planned?

Jaws: The bullets I am using are actual rocks so it will be hard to confirm they were shot after they fall off the building.

Kat: Wow so its like ice bullets then.

Jaws: Yeah but more stable and they don't melt. I only use them for jobs like this since they are not cheap.

Kat: Oh I see. Well that does explain why you bought me that dark outfit. I thought you were implying yo had a crush on me.

Jaws raised an eyebrow at Kat who had a wicked smile in her face. It was obvious she was flirting with danger as she approached Jaws. She then gently grabbed his necktie and levitated herself up using gravity control. She smiled as she moved just close enough to touch noses.

Kat: So if I complete this job...…...what's in it for me?

Jaws: Money and rep.

Kat: Not enough.

Jaws: So what do you want then?

Kat: A date.

Jaws: We just had a date.

Kat then kissed him on the nose and gave him a wicked smile. It was obvious she was working her feminine charm on the big guy.

Jaws: Kat if your worried I will kill or abandon you....

Kat: You would have done it by now. I know. I want a real date where you pamper me like a woman. Today we were treated like a father and daughter.

Jaws: I am not a good man.

Kat: I know.

Jaws: I am bad with feelings.

Kat: I know.

Jaws: I can't make you happy.

Kat: That's for me to decide.

Jaws: But....

Kat put her small finger over the lips of Jaws and smiled.

Kat: Shhhhh…….. The world has gone to hell in a handbasket big guy. I am a former hero and you are killer on the run. Normally we would never even talk, but right now we are all we have. We both have issues and yes us being together is all kind of messed up, but I need this.....and I think you do too.

Kat then kissed Jaws on the lips gently then looked at him in the eyes.

Kat: Money is nice and fame is fleeting, but love does make the world go around. So what say we make it fun while cashing in on killing those bastards who have it coming. I know saving the world is practically impossible anymore but that doesn't mean a girl doesn't have needs right?

Jaws: So you want me to fake it till I mean it huh?

Kat: Well that's a start, even if its not very romantic. I need this Jaws.

Jaws then nodded before he kissed her back on the lips and smirked.

Kat: That's much more like it.

The two decided to pass the time in a more romantic manner, before it got dark. After the sun began going down they put on their black formal attire and took a taxi to a formal event for the rich and snooty. It wasn't hard for Tony to acquire them an invitation to the gig which was a few miles away from the target. Jaws was wearing a black tux with a white shirt and Kat was in a beautiful black rose dress with sequins. They managed to turn a few heads as they mingled a bit and made their way to the tables to snack on some hordurves and wine. They talked a bit to put on a show and monitored the time before they danced on the dance floor a few times. Once it was nine pm they made their way to the bathrooms where they snuck through the fire escape stairwell.

Granted it was a long walk up the stairs it was a lot easier after Kat grabbed Jaws from behind and floated to the top of the staircase of 100 floors. Then they made their way to the rooftop and Kay reached under her dress and pulled out a harness to attach her to Jaws's back like a parachute. Then Kat used her gravity powers to make them float above the clouds so she could use her lightspeed flying powers and avoid leaving a visible rainbow trail which was a side effect from it. Using her lightspeed they arrived near the crime lord's building in a few minutes.

Jaws then pulled out his small binoculars to see if the target was in his office. Kat waited patiently as she hugged Jaws from behind in formal attire. She liked being with him and felt safe when holding him like a giant deadly teddy bear. After a few minutes Jaws smiled as he confirmed the target was with his guards in the building and just arrived in his office. By the looks of things he seemed angry as he was yelling at his phone. Jaws then decided it was the best time to act as he tapped on Kat's hand.

Jaws: It's showtime girl.

Kat: Sweet.

Kat then positioned them above the building as Jaws used his rifle to snipe the two guards on the roof with his stone bullets and a silencer barrel. Since it was cloudy in Gotham a lot it was hard to see in the dark for most and this gave Jaws a big edge. After landing on the roof, Jaws floated to the edge of the top floor and used the fire escape stairs to slowly crawl down to the nearest window. He needed to make sure the target was in the room and there were no unnecessary victims. Using his smart phone he recorded the room to see the target was in his office with two guards yelling at his phone. As he looked down he saw a few limos pull up as some VIPs with guards showed up. It looked like a deal was going south for the target and Jaws could care less as he quickly climbed back up above the rooftop and hovered with Kat. They only had a small window to finish the job before they had more company.

Jaws: Crush it.

Kat: On it.

Kat focused for a moment as she raised the density of the rooftop so it was ten times the acceptable weight for the supports. As Jaws had requested she had the rooftop closer to the doors collapse first to trap them before the rest of the roof caved in. Jaws videotaped the entire event for proof as the victims and two guards were crushed to death by an unsafe building. The two dead guards on the rooftop fell over the edge and onto the streets to freak out the The floor collapse triggered all manner of alarms as smoke gushed out and clouded the rooftop. Kat then returned the rooftop to its original density before they floated back up to the clouds. Then they flew back towards the building with the reception going on. Kat was smiling like a Cheshire Kat as she flew back holding Jaws in her arms. She was happy everything went well and she made her "Bone" with her new boyfriend.

After landing on the rooftop they made their way downstairs rejoined the party. After eating, dancing and drinking some fancy wine they excused themselves as they took a taxi home. On the ride home Jaws then sent the video he recorded to Tony for proof of the job being completed. Once thy were home they made their way to their loft and rocked each other's world. It had been a long time since either of them had something to be happy about. Even if it was forced or fleeting, they both needed each other's comfort.

The next day Jaws went to visit Tony for his payout and some Italian food. However he was forced to wait as he saw Tony had company. Apparently two men in suits were talking to him all seriously. Being the jolly guy he was Tony smiled as he rambled on to appease the two of them, but they seemed very upset. Eventually they left and Jaws waited a bit before approaching the store. Jaws then ordered his food and sat down to wait. Tony then approached Jaws as he talked about how good the food was told Jaws that business was very good. Jaws looked at him as he waited till it was clear to talk privately. Tony then told him he was getting trouble from a different group who were upset since the target was double booked. Apparently the group in the limos he saw were also part of the target and they got away due to the building collapsed on Jaws's target. They were looking for revenge and insisted Tony not interfere again.

Jaws didn't care one way or another as long as he was paid and not hunted anymore. Tony told him not to take any new work for a while till things blew over. Tony would contact him when it was okay to work again. Jaws nodded and took his food home. Along the way home as he was walking he noticed he was being followed by a black SUV. Being the smart guy he was he passed by an old alley way towards an old recycling metal yard that was closed down. Jaws turned in a narrows area and then ran to the fence before he jumped over the barbwire fence. After landing he ran behind a large pile of scarp iron and peeked to see who was chasing him. A minute later a bunch of men in black suits and guns approached the fence before blasting the lock off.

They spread out and seemed like they were hunting Jaws, but he didn't know why. So he decided to deal with them now rather than later. As they spread out to search for him he slow snuck around them and hid his food to keep it safe. Then as they were focused on what was in front of them he snuck up on them and snapped their necks from behind. Since he was being stealthy it took longer than he had hoped. After checking the IDs he found they were a low level Syndicate and apparently trying to make a name for themselves. So Jaws wasted no time taking out the other five from behind. Then he looted the bodies before tossing them into a coupe of car trunks that were scheduled to get crushed on.

Jaws then left the main gate and collected his Italian take out before closing the gate. Granted the lock was broken he tied the chain in a knot to keep kids out since they were nosy and it was dangerous. After his detour he made his way home to surprise Kat who was reading her Anatomy books while training her powers. She was of course happy to see Jaws as she leapt into his massive arms for a hug and kiss. It was amazing she would kiss him passionately considering his large metal teeth. After a touching reunion they had lunch and he told her they needed to lay low for a while just to be safe. Kat then smiled wickedly as she told him they could play house for a few days to pas the time. Jaws smirked as he knew she was not kidding.


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