Flashpoint Pt.2

Malcom and Henry stand there in shock and disbelief. “What… what was that?”

“Uhhh, you… I think.” Henry replies. Henry doesn’t fully believe what he just saw, but he’s heard stories about this sort of thing from the Speedforce. Speedsters traveling through time, Henry’s mouth acts before his brain. “It’s possible.” Henry blurts out.

Malcom turns, “Hold on, you’re not saying-”

“He looked like you.” Henry interrupts.

“Shapeshifters can do that!” Malcom quickly retorts.

“Shapeshifters can’t travel through the Speedforce…”

Malcom thinks about this. “So you’re saying I just saw myself die?”

Henry nods, “I guess…”

Malcom lets this sink in, “So, what now? We just follow him blindly?”

“Well… let’s just see if he’s right.” Henry suggests.

“I… you can’t… you wanna travel back in time because an older version of me said so?” Malcom exclaims.

“Don’t forget saving Batman from Blue Beetle.” Henry chimes in. To be honest? This didn’t freak Henry out much. He knows how weird and freaky the Speedforce can act, but Malcom doesn’t. It’s apparent by his frantic nature. “Hey,” Henry put a reassuring hand on Malcom’s shoulder, “let’s just check it out.”

Malcolm tries to hide his blush and nods. “So… how do we enter the Speedforce?”

“I… don’t really know. I’ve only ever escaped it.” Henry chuckles, now realizing now’s not the time for a joke.

The two speedsters wait a beat, until Malcom figures it out. “I got it!”, he springs up. “We have to actively release parts of our speed into a focused place. That’s… that’s what I did last time…”

“Last time? You’ve been to the Speedforce?” Henry asks.

“It’s… it’s complicated. Let’s just try, OK?”

Henry nods and the two boys stand 5 feet apart, in a running stance.

“3…” Malcolm starts.

“2…” Henry continues.

“1!” The young speedsters say in unison as they rocket off and run in a condensed circle. Small bursts of blue light shoots out from both of their bodies. The blue energy strikes the air, like a match against a matchbook. It strikes, and strikes, and strikes until…


A blue portal opens between Malcom and Henry as they screech to a stop. “I’m gonna go ahead and assume we did it.” Malcolm says with a smirk.

“Alright, let’s go save Batman.” Henry says, offering his hand. Malcolm takes it and they run into the Speedforce in a mixture of white and yellow lightning.

Past, present, and future all smack the boys as they run through the long illuminated tunnel. “Focus,” Henry says, “we’re only here to save Batman. Only here to go to the Battle of Gotham. Try not to get… tempted…” Henry’s voice trails off as he watches his father and mother smiling and laughing.

Malcolm notices this and gives Henry a small tug, “Hey, you’re right. We’re here on a mission, right?”

Henry’s eyes begin to water up, but he nods. “Y-yeah. We’re on a mission.”

The feeling Malcom had as he ran through the Speedforce was something indescribable. The pure energy that surrounded him, he felt powerful. He felt… like a Flash.

Different scenes play around them, too many to recount. Time felt funny in there, but they knew it was a while until a specific scene started to play. One with a mixture of heroes and villains fighting. Not just any villain though, Lex Luthor.

“Alright, you up for this?” Henry asks Malcom.

“A bit late to be asking that…” Malcolm jokes back, half hoping Henry asked this before they entered the Speedforce.

“True that.” Together, the boys smash through the scene and crash into the gravel on the other side.

Malcolm bellies over and begins to gasp for air, Henry looks tired, but composed. “I thought… we had… unlimited energy in there.” Malcolm says in between gasps.

“We do… when we’re in there. I guess it all comes back to us when we leave.” Henry looks around for their blue time traveler. Explosions, lasers, and swords clashing can all be seen throughout the damaged streets of Gotham. “C’mon, we’re on a mission remember?”

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