As Lyra was circling the city she heard gun shots. She followed the sound with just enough time to see Adam fall from a building into the river she hovered well above the sight for several minutes watching to see if he would get back up. When she did not see him fly she know he must be hurt.

She did not have much time to think as a chopper was approaching. She noted the soldiers all over the building and the strong man this was probably not the best idea but Adam was hurt. She flew up a few more feet before tucking her wings and diving. She shot past the roof that Nathan and the soldiers were on and toward the rivers. Before she hit the water too she opened her wings.

She skimmed along the surface of the water looking for Adam. Lyra know that she had to be careful not to use his name. So she resorted to simply keeping her eyes open and scanning the water for him. He had to be here some where. This what where she saw him fall. Luckily for both of them she found him before the soldiers did she quickly picked him up from under his arm pits and flapped her wings hard.

She got as high as she could and tried to use the minimal clouds as cover until she could find a better place to hide. There was a chance that ether or both of them had been spotted she could not risk going back to the bat cave.

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