Current Day…

Vex stood along the curb of the street outside of an upscale jewelers with a few dark minutes left to the night before dawn. The storefront’s security grill was still rolled down and there were a few lights on inside, but no staff had arrived as yet. That was good; Vex preferred to keep the human interplay to a minimum while she worked. She had no qualms over their incapacitation or death if it came to it, but reciprocal actions during engagement were complications that slowed her down. She liked to take her time and sort through the display cabinets, selecting only the prettiest pieces. It wasn’t even about the money; well it wasn’t only about the money. When she was younger she tried to fill her bags and pockets with every diamond and coin she could get her hands on. She’d pop every vault to see what was inside, but a haul like that drew lots of attention. It lengthed her time on the scene and authorities’ response times were reduced with each passing day it seemed. A haul like that often meant multiple trips in and out, which were the most risky junction of skill and fate. Steal one or two gems and the jeweler filed an insurance claim while the police quietly looked into the theft. Clean out an entire inventory and you’d make the news with multiple marks out on your head. And then there were the logistics of fencing so much booty at once. You couldn’t. Not even at pennies to the pound. No receiver would take such a hot haul; it was just too risky to be caught with that much incriminating evidence. Vex had hordes of spoils stashed around the world that she’d yet to sell off; some she’d even forgotten about. With such an abundance of gems and baubles and no profitable means of offloading them all, she’d taken to using them as glorified projectiles and caltrops. Pursuit would often cut itself short when presented with a handful of diamonds scattered across the chase; either to collect them or avoid stepping on them. And if diamond drill bits could cut through granite, a well propelled diamond could easily go through a man’s skull.

Vex checked the slings under her wrists then stepped out of the shadows as she flicked her hands, launching small plastic disks that soared across the street and adhered with a *thwack* to the lens of each camera out front. She knelt to examine the lock of the metallic grill and scoffed. Some locks were meant as deterrents while others were intended to prevent entry entirely. She wasn’t sure this one qualified as either. Mechanical locks were essentially tumblers and for her, moving small pieces came as a particular ease.

Hand waving the rest of the robbery

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