Down the Rabbit Hole

As Adam felt his back break against the concrete, he began to lose consciousness. That was his first mistake. Never sleep while on fear gas, it sucks. He saw his father and mother. Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince. Overcome with emotion he ran toward them. The image distorted, they were in an alley. Crime Alley. His mother was in a beautiful white fur coat with pearls. She hated pearls. As Adam grew closer, he felt something cold in his hand. A GUN! His parents looked horrified, almost as horrified as he felt. He aimed the gun toward them, against his control. First his father, Bruce started laughing.

“You’re a worthless no good copy.” His father said.


His father sank to the ground as the gun found it’a way to his mother.

“Even with the power of an Amazonian, you’ll never be a hero.” She giggled out.


One in her torso, another in her neck.

Adam dropped to the ground, trembling. The gun now aimed to his temple. As Adam’s eyes widened...


The scene changes to the Justice League. Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern, Shazam, etc. Everyone. Adam was in the middle as they crowded around him. They started chanting.

“Failure. Hack. No Good. Greedy. Wrathful. Idiotic. Worthless. Pathetic. Powerless.”

Superman went toward Adam and lifted him with one hand. Superman then threw Adam into the air. Adam screamed as he rocketed toward the moon, where he met the Witch Doctor in a lab. Lyra was strapped on a metal bed, screaming in agony. Her wings lay on another table.

She looked at him and whispered, “This is your fault.”

Witch Doctor was suddenly behind him, scythe in hand. “Let’s see that again, shall we?” He pushes Adam into an alley. Crime Alley.

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