Lyra nearly dropped Adam as she flew over the bit of water the separated Gotham and Metropolis. As Adam started to move in his sleep. She also had to admit carrying a person was much harder then she thought. She finally landed in a dark ally in Metropolis.

She dropped Adam and had to go head over heals to a stop. Not her best landing but at least nothing was broken. She looked around to see if anyone was there.

“Adam” She said quietly, shaking him gently trying to wake him up. She knew she would probably need help. She was not a doctor and did not know what to do. Tears streaked down her face. “Adam please wake up” she cried. She was absolutely terrified that he would not wake up. She did not know who to ask for help they were both wanted criminals. It was not like she could take him to an ER, they would be turned into the police or well the soldiers.

They were on their own.

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