The Cloak of Destiny and Amulet of Anubis.

"You boy, You will get my cloak and amulet for me." The voice didn't seem to be booming from the inside of the building. It was coming directly from Xavier's own thoughts. He was pretty freaked out now, unsure of what to think or do in this situation.

"Who are you?" Xavier called out, "What do you want with me?" His voice shaky from the panic of his recent situation.

"Hush, boy. Do not disturb the peace of my palace. I am Nabu, it is my helm that chose and brought you here. You shall be my new champion."

Xavier cried out, "Please take me back I want no part of whatever this is." his voice cracking on almost every word he let out.

His vision began to fade as Nabu began to grip his mind completely. "Hush now, child it will be alright. I will show you everything."

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