A Way Out

As Adam views Lyra die for the 327th time, he yells... again. “No!” He swings back to Crime Alley, and once again sees his parents.

“You’re a worthless no good copy.” His father says.

This is where he shoots him, but he does t have the gun. Dream Diana and Bruce exchange looks, they’re worried. The scene changes to the entire DC Heroes Gallery. They crowd around Adam as a commanding voice booms around them.

“Adam! Adam follow my voice, I will guide you from this place!” The voice said. The “heroes” started looking around, scared. Then they started screaming. Not a normal scared scream, an enraged screech.

“AHHHHH!” The noise became a burden on Adam’s ears. His eyes squint, but he sees something. A blue light far away in the distance. It’s... a door!

Adam starts to stumble toward it, but the heroes start... vibrating, and melting. They’re skin and outfits turn into a peach fudge, cultivating into one person. A giant Lex Luthor. The killer of the Justic League, leader of the free world, Adam’s greatest fear. Lex stays there, motionless.

‘Ok’ Adam thinks to himself, ‘If I can fly my way to the door fast enough, and then-‘

SLAM! Lex’s fist pounds the ground next to Adam, sending him to his back. “Ok, plan B.” Adam says as he leaps into the air. Adam rockets toward the door, as giant Lex backhands him to the ground with a solid thud!

“You worthless, no good ‘hero’. I’m a god! Inside and outside of here, what are you! An orphan?!” Lex says as he shrinks down to Adam’s level. “You’re nothing.” Lex sends Adam 20 feet back with a simple shove.

“He’s not nothing, he’s a hero.” A voice says behind Adam. He turns and sees the original Justice League. Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern, ad Hawkgirl. They stand proudly, as Adam gets up he’s awestruck. “Get to the door, we’ll buy you some time.”, Diana says.

“But-“ Adam tries to retaliate.

“Go! We’re already dead, stop Luthor, make this right.” Superman cuts in. The League pounces at Lex, but he’s dodging all of their attacks. The green ring’s blasts, Hawkgirl’s mace, batarangs. Lex is unstoppable, but not all seeing. As Lex toys with the League, Adam books it to the door.

Lex turns right before Adam makes it, and leaps toward him. “NO!” Lex says as he grabs Adam’s leg, inches away from the door. Lex starts to pull Adam back, until two red beams of light send Lex into the sky. Adam reaches the door, and wakes up.

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