Enough Resting

Adam awakes in a cold sweat, gasping. He turns to his gold wearing savior. “Who the hell are you?” He asks, already tired. He turns and sees Lyra, asleep. ‘Oh, God. She’s alive.’ He thinks. Seeing her die over and over again has taken its toll. Relief washes over him.

Lyra blinks a few times having heard Adams voice. It took her a few moments to actually wake up. When she saw Adam, she rushed over and hugged him. “I thought I might have lost you” she cried holding onto him tightly.

As she squeezed, he felt at peace. He silently whispered, “Lyra, who is this?”

“A friend. A friend.” She was so happy, until bucket head ruined it.

“I’m sorry to break your happy moment up,” X began “But we have guests. In about 1 hour, this place will be crawling with Luthor’s men and… villains.”

“How do you know this?” Adam said confused?

“Can’t you teleport us away?” Lyra chipped in.

“I cannot, for this is fate. In fact, I must go.” X said in a monotone voice.

“Woah, woah.” Adam tries to get up, but quickly collapses. Luckily, Lyra catches him.

“Wait we can’t fight them alone, we’ll be captured, they’ll...” she said, starting to panic as she held Adam. She knows what horrors awaited them and could not bring herself to explain.

“So why help us at all?” Adam spews out, in pain and anger. “Just to let us die?”

“You will not die,” said X, “I have seen your future. It is a grand one.” Adam and Lyra looked at each other. “Goodbye.” And just like that, an injured Adam and scared Lyra were alone.

”W-What do we do,” Lyra said, tears in her eyes. It seemed there was nothing to do but wait.

“We do what we always do. We fight.”

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