Setting the Stage

It was the first time he'd been here in months. He was hesitant to call it home. The last time he was here he'd tried to take his own life. It was more or less exactly as he'd left it, minus the blood of course. He also noticed the liquor cabinet was gone.

He leaned up against the large window in the living room to look down at the streets below. Gotham looked as dreary and polluted as ever. “Why can't I just stay in Alaska?” The lodge was like a lost paradise hidden deep in the untouched northern wilderness. He could admit he was sick of being bedridden there, but it wasn't like there was anywhere better.

Casper, his father, sighed. “I can't justify much more time off, I'm sorry. I need you close by.”

“Why does distance matter? You can be there in seconds. It’s way safer there than here in this freaking war zone of a city.” He lowered himself onto the couch. “Why… why would you bring me back here?” Memories he'd been fighting all this time gave a good push against his emotions again. He really did hate this place.

Casper sat beside him, his voice hushed. “Hey, hey… it's alright. Things are going to be different now. I've put a lot of thought into things.”

Daniel sighed. “What's going to be different? What, are you going to start acting more like my dad or something?” There was just a touch of bite in his tone.

Casper didn't look like he appreciated the snark, but didn't react. “My ideas are going to need some more development… I'm going to need to see what options are available, but… Well, I'm getting pretty tired of the way things are myself. I'd say it's about time I took a bit of action.”

Daniel frowned. “What are you talking about?” It sounded… big.

“You'll see soon enough. Your uncle Carmine wants to come visit. He hasn't seen you since your birthday.”

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