The LexCorp had patrols of men walking around the streets but there were more since the appearance of the Resistance was spotted more and more now. It seemed like they aware.

"------" The man tried to say something but there was nothing but silence. He had grabbed his walkie attempting to call the other patrols but again silence only with the white noise now emitted from the device suddenly becoming less and less loud. Redirect had reached out his arm, concentrating trying to focus on what he had wanted to do. "-----" The force hit the man with another inaudible scream of pain.

It had turned out this man had been giving selling illegal drugs which would boost one to a superhuman level. The LexCorp had been apart of selling these drugs and testing them on their soldiers.

Redirect was now 3 feet from the Man He was inexperienced with this part of the job. He wasn't killing him ... but the LexCorp would come after him probably due to the drugs getting to the resistance.

Quickly, he had grabbed the bag full of LexCorp drugs. The only reason he had found out was through some info-breakers on the streets after hearing their conversation. He'd check the bag to make sure it was in there..."Yup". He said in a scratchy voice which was to mask his real voice.

The man had only been scared but he wasn't sure what would happen but he knew that he got a bag of drugs and they could do something with it. He said to leave fast now so he uses the white noise to clog up the man's hearing which would make him preoccupied so he wouldn't be focused on him.

Redirect would quickly leave back into the main alleyways, returning to were ever.[Only reason I wrote this was to introduce Eric/Redirct]

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