Phase One (Part 3)

Joint post Wolfy, Graytex, Lily

Daniel sighed quietly like he was giving in. He broke eye contact, turning back to the other two. “I can stay with you guys I guess… if… if you want me to. I can answer more questions… I have some general medical knowledge. I can… I dunno, just help out in general.” He didn't understand the reasons, all he knew was that Casper wanted him to stay here for awhile. Strangely, he didn't quite feel like objecting- even if it meant staying in a bunker with two strangers who didn't trust him and could easily overpower him.

“What about you? No offense but weren’t you in the lab too? Do you have any special abilities you bring to this ‘team’?” Adam said harshly. God he was tired, but he couldn’t sleep not knowing at least a semblance of what was happening.

”Adam be nice, he is like me kind of” Lyra said harshly then smiled at Daniel. She had no issues with Daniel it was his dad she did not like.

“I ought to get going then,” said Casper. “You kids have fun!” With that, he made his exit out the door.

Daniel almost wanted to stop him. He was feeling timid and nervous as hell, and now he was alone with these two.

He cleared his throat, but it was obvious that Adam intimidated him with his attitude. He almost wanted to admit he was useless, but the small fragment of fight still in him disagreed. “I was born and raised there,” he said. “I've had the role of Casper's son for about eight years now. I'm not much good in a straight up fight, but I know the area. I… spent a lot of time around here and the docks about half a year ago. There's a lot of underground networking still in tact around Gotham… The literal kind and the figurative kind.”

“You know… I don't think I actually know your names…. I'm Daniel. Right now, anyway.”

”So, in other words, you could be good at strategy,” Lyra suggested. She was not sure she had the right idea but was trying. She stood up and started pacing. Wail the bunker was large she still felt confined and was now restless.

“Uh…” Daniel cursed the crack in his voice that betrayed him. He could sound like whatever he wanted as long as it wasn't himself apparently. “Yeah, I guess you could say that.” I guess…. Maybe once it was the case, but that would've been before the chemicals emitted by stress and trauma had gone and fried his brain cells.

He noticed Lyra's pacing. Like a caged animal, he thought. He realized he wasn't far off the mark. “We can walk around out there a bit if you'd like…” he said. “It's safe as long as we stay underground. We probably shouldn't go far with the state you're in though…”

“Are you sure?” she asked then looked at Adam. she was not keen on leaving him alone with all that had just happened but she was not doing well with the sense of confinement hanging over her.

Adam took a bit to respond, it’s been a long day. He’s been alone for so long, and now there’s so much happening, too much. “Yeah go ahead, I’ll rest here.”

”I-I don't know I don't want to leave you alone last time you got hurt bad,” she said, shaking her head. She continued to pace. ” I need to move,” she said. It was clear she did not want to leave Adam here by himself.

He could see both sides of Lyra's struggle, but Adam seemed like he was done with life in general for about a month at least.

“How about… we walk around, just for a little bit, then we can sit just outside the door for awhile? It's bigger out there. A bit more… open. I think we can see the opening from out there.” He took one of the folding chairs from the table and was ready to grab the other.

“I guess it could be ok” Lyra said moving to follow Daniel. She stopped and turned to Adam. “We won't go far.” she said. Her real problem was she had only just got a taste of freedom and now she felt anxious and confined within the bunker and back under the control of one of the individuals from the lab.

When they left, Daniel kept the vault like door cracked open and set the chairs up outside it.

He'd gotten to know the main drainage tunnels of the city pretty well when he'd been living in them for two months. He knew he looked like a first class spoiled brat now, but he liked to think he had some perspective. He hadn't quite spent his entire life up in that tower.

He knew exactly where they were and he'd had no idea such a perfect little bunker was hidden here until now. The door looked like it was just another pipe that was closed off.

The tunnel had a slight slant to it. The downward end was where light was spilling in from the river. There was a convenient flat walkway to the side of the tunnel above where the water from the melting snow across the city was draining. It was cold in the tunnel, but at least there was no wind.

“Come on,” he said, leading her uphill. “Let's walk around this way a bit. It's not a good idea to go outside.” The tunnel split a short way up and took a turn. It was dark, but their way was lit from above by grates here and there.

The walk went a long way to helping Lyra calm down. She was still bothered by the lack of visible sky but perhaps that was because it had been so long since she had
seen it. Lyra was quite most of the walk her mind flashing back to when she was little. She remembered police showing up at her house and the fight that had happened as her babysitter tried to protect her from the police trying to take her away.

She cried as she was forced into a car and driven to one of Lex Luther’s labs. There she would not see the sky again until she finally escaped. She remembered Casper as she was brought in thow at the time she thought the look on his face was sinister and creepy but perhaps she was remembering it wrong.

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