When World’s Collide Pt.1

((December 18th, 2029))

The woman smiles, waiting a moment for what Sharon could guess was an answer, before realizing the mistake and bopping her own forehead. "Right, you've got your mouth full, one sec…"

With a wave of her hand, the roots pull back from her face leaving sand and dirt in their trails. Sharon sputters the grains off her lips to the side, "I'll give you a five minute head start before I take a machete to your perfect composure."

"My my," she laughs, "First moment you're given and you've got to try and establish yourself as the domme in this situation. I like you." She casually begins to walk around Sharon as she dangles from the ceiling, "Don't suppose you have it in your heart to answer my previous question then?"

"No," Sharon replies, bluntly, "Even if I did know, what makes you think I'd share that with you?"

The woman puts a finger to her chin, as if thinking on a clever response. "Hmm, well, I suppose that's fair. Luthor wouldn't want his enemies banding together and causing trouble, far easier to hunt them down when they're on their own. But then again, if you belonged to Luthor, you'd have brought an army to back you. Instead," she waved a hand, bringing Casey down beside her, "you brought… this."

She turns and gently tugs on Casey's cheek, "Now, I'm certain while you, little miss soldier, could take a hit or two and keep a tight lip, I'm banking on this one being… less capable?" She gives her a pat, "Let's go with that. So, either share what you do know, or the skinny one gets it."


Footsteps can be heard near the right wall from the two prisoners. It seems as if there are many entrances to the cave, many secret entrances. Part of the wall falls back, then shifts to the side to reveal a wet, shivering, early 20’s man. As he looks up to see what’s happening. Everyone stops.

"By the Green…" the woman says, "You really are back."

“Goddamn it!” the strange man yells as he hurls a fist at the wall. As it connects, a crater forms. “One week! One week and it all goes to shit! Explain yourselves for breaking and entering a city owned building before Luthor Soldiers swarm the place… wait. Poison Ivy?”

She does a little courtesy. "Well, nobody has called me that in a while, but yes. The one and only." She points at the two she has strung from the ceiling, "I don't suppose you know either one of these two?"

"Wait," Sharon says, "you two know each other?"

“Who doesn’t know Ivy? But you two on the other hand,” he gestures to the two women being strung from vines, “who are you guys? Besides squatters of course.”

"We're not… okay, technically we are, but… can I get turned right side up, all the blood is being sent to my head and it's not fun."

Ivy makes a motion as if to rotate her over, the vines following her hands.

"Thank you," she says, "Sharon Milana Sabanova, United States Navy SEALs," she introduces herself, "and that's Casey," she nods to the blonde still dangling upside down, gagged by roots. "Definitely not friends of LexCorp."

Ivy rubs her chin, blending her smugness into a heavy thinking expression. "And why, perchance, is the last of America's finest in Gotham?"

Sharon opened for a response, but managed only a sigh to start. "Got shot down, just outside the city… the others didn't make it."

Adam calmed down from his outburst, “I’m… l’m sorry for your loss. But really, what are you doing here?”

She attempted to shrug, but it was mostly suppressed by the vines and really only served to remind everyone of her predicament. "I'd like to say I'm not dying, and doing so successfully at that." She wriggles some more, "So since we're not going to try and kill each other, can we get put down?"

"Hah, no," Ivy answers, "Listen, Batsy, I don't know about you, but these two have got nothing in the way of proving their not Luthor's cronies except an aging rifle and an attitude. I say fertilize 'em."

She pauses for a moment, "Okay… that came out wrong, but you knew what I meant."

Adam debates for a second before coming to his senses, “No! No, don’t kill them, they still migh-“ something catches Adam’s eye. Well… lack of somethings. “You guys stole my gadgets?!”

His exclamation catches everyone off guard as Ivy, Sharon, and even Casey looks about the aging subterranean base.

"I mean… don't get me wrong, I would have, but I haven't exactly been here for more than a day or so," Ivy explains, gesturing as if to show her hands were empty.

"We just got here when she -Ivy- pulled a nightmare ambush on us."

Ivy grinned and shrugged innocently, "It's true, I did, it was quite enjoyable on my end."

“So it wasn’t the ex-supervillain or the trespassers?” Adam said sarcastically.

Adam starts to walk toward the ‘Bat-Computer’ which is a fancy word for a big monitor with insane hardware. “Just come in the Batcave why don’t ya? Everyone’s welcome here!” he mumbles to himself as he scans the security footage.

"Hmph, seems like he's got a bit of attitude as well," Ivy says idly as he walks off, "Not exactly the Batman I was hoping for either. Shame, I do in fact miss the old man."

She waves for her vines to set both Sharon and Casey down gently, landing them on their feet. "I'd be sorry about the scare but, as I'm sure you two may know, trust is hard to come by these days. You two can just call me Pam, my 'supervillain'," she air quotes the word, "days are long behind me. Can't be much of one without heroes to bounce the term off of."

Sharon shivers uncomfortably as the last of the vines pull back, "Right, so then what are you now?"

Ivy gives the question a moment's thought. "Rebel, revolutionary, freedom fighter maybe? I think my LexCorp designation is 'Eco-Terrorist' same as ol' America had me, but it's hard to say. I disagree with Luthor's methods, and his authority, and violence seems to be the answer."

Adam stops with the computer for a moment, “I think it’s best if we swap stories, how we got here exactly. You two go first, and remember, there’s a woman here who would still love to fertilize you.”

Ivy points a finger, "Okay, first of all, that sounds even worse coming from you. Second, you don't even want to hear my story?"

Defeated, “Sure, go first.” Adam says while still eying the two strange women.

"Gladly," Ivy poses regally…


((December 6th, 2019))

"Everybody down!"

Vines erupted from the earth to shield them in a green bubble, moments before the air erupted and several hundred pounds of rock and rubble came crashing down. Isely felt her way through the cement and concrete through her extensions, pushing the larger pieces aside before unfolding the bubble.

Inside, herself, Selina, and a host of people they were escaping with.

"Jesus Pam, they couldn't have taken their pissing match outside the city!?"

Three blocks down the street, the twin red beams of Superman light up the lane, answered by a monstrous roar.

"Just run! Run run run!"

The small cluster of people the escorted took off, led by Isley and flanked by Kyle, running through the remains of buildings and street lamps, leaping over piles of rubble and broken off chunks that could have crushed any one of them. Ahead, the walls of a building burst outward as an infuriated Zod erupted into the street.

"Ugh, this guy," Isely spat, calling on the roots beneath the pavement that had been following them to ready.

"Ivy! What are you doing! Get in this fight!" Zod roared at them.

She pointed everyone down the alley away from him, "Ain't our fight. Should've taken your shitshow to the back country."

He took a step towards her, and a vine of her own custom breeding erupted from the pavement and exploded into fine mist. He recoiled, eyes burning, first from the toxic little flora she had intended for whoever needed it, then with the same twin beams she saw down the street, blazing red lines into the sky.

Big mistake hoss.

She almost grinned when a streak of blue and red collided with him and they both went skipping further down the street, cratering the pavement.

Near Zod’s impact, she saw the big Bat and little Robin escorting civilians inside of the Batwing.

Up the alley she found Kyle with the group.

"Jesus Pam, what were you thinking?"

She shrugged, "Weren't going to get past him otherwise."

"Your 'plan' banked on big blue noticing Zod's laser eyes!"

"And yours is hinged on Harley coming back through all this flying a helicopter."

As if summoned, a twin rotor transport flew in hot on their location, skidding the last few feet to a stop. It was green and read 'USARMY' on the side in white paint, which is to say it was now officially stolen.

The co-pilot door slid open and out stepped Quinn, clad in red, white and blue and far too underdressed for the situation as always.

"Sorry 'bout the wait! Jay lost the keys to his, had to steal one from the jackboots!" She waved at the crowd, "Hiyah! If you're lookin' to die old, pile in!"

It took a little encouraging, but the raging battle was enough incentive to push everyone onto the helo, Isley giving the bird an extra push off the ground to get it airborne. It was quickly joined by other escaping transports, who in her mind qualified as some of the craziest people she knew.

"Alright, where to next?"

Kyle depressed the talk button on her earpiece. "Charles, where are we going next?"

"Kite-Man! We're in public, its Kite-Man!"

Both of them roll their eyes at his voice over the comms. "Fine," Kyle replies, "Kite-Man, give us another trouble spot."

"Hell yeah! You got a couple families just north of ya, third floor work, lots o' kids."

"Got it, keep your eyes high and head low out there."

"Was gonna say, this is an awfully heavyweight fight here! The hell we doin' savin' kids anyway? I thought we were the bad guys? Oh! Were gonna rob 'em later aren't we?"

Isley slid the headpiece off and shook her head. "Not today. Plus, we've got standards, so keep your head out of your arse."

"You got it babe! I'll keep it in the clouds!"

Soon as he was off the air, both her and Kyle groaned. "I swear, I might just kill him myself when this is over."

"At least he's helping. He had every chance to dip out by now, so he's committed."

"Only because he thinks he's awesome," Isley air quotes "'Hell yeah'." They both had a good laugh before heading out.

The streets were getting rapidly worse, with supers being hurled through buildings and chunks of said buildings being hurled back at villains. Made being a rogue on foot an insanely risky endeavor, one that they both had to take the chance on. This was home, after all.

Charles kept them pointed straight, though his frequent banter made it less than tolerable. Isley would have honestly preferred that Quinn guide them instead, but seeing as she was busy and most of Gotham's other rouges were more interested in their shot at Batman than keeping their city together, they had to just endure his less than witty remarks.

She settled for being happy he wasn't getting himself shot out of the sky.

Time wasn't exactly on the mind, but the sun had definitely moved by the time they reached the next site. The apartment building was beat to hell and distinctly looked like a certain very large monster had torn through it. She didn't have to guess who that was.

He hadn't been lying though, she could actually look up through the building and see the several families that had gotten trapped halfway up on a ledge that had all of nothing supporting it. With a wave of her hands, she aimed to change that, her and Kyle hitching a ride as vines thick as trees erupted from the ground and sent reinforcing branches through the structure.

"Nobody panic, we're here to save you," Kyle announced, reaching her hand out to pull the first from the platform. Isley made them a basket so she could get everyone down at once.

"Harley, where are you? We've got another pickup," Kyle spoke over the comm.

"Getting the rotors beat the hell out of me!" her comm crackled in response, "Now who the hell invited these guys! Don't they have other planets to bother?"

Isley lifted herself above the skyline to see what she was talking about.

"Aw hell, Selina! We gotta move faster!" She didn't wait for her to guide the rest in, lifting everyone in vines and practically tossing them into the basket before sending it down at rollercoaster speeds. The first blasts from the incoming Red Lanterns decimated the roof, the second wave eradicating everything second floor and up.

Kyle, Isley, and their rescued civilians all crashed to the ground, the basket bouncing once before cracking open and spilling the people inside out like a pinata.

They didn't stop to celebrate, scrambling to their feet and dragging those too slow to move with them as the Lanterns came for a second run. What in the hell were they trying to accomplish?

Isley wheeled about as they closed in, grasped air as if taking a massive hold of the redwood sized vine she had raised, and bent it over them, the many branches bringing debris and rubble with them to form a shield that exploded in red light as the Lanterns bombed the hell out of them. It did the job though, nobody was severely injured.

"Cheeky bastards," Kyle spat, "I hope Doomsday kills the lot of you!"

"If he doesn't kill us all, c'mon!" Isley took the lead and started to run, Kyle bringing up the rear.

The Red Lanterns were just the start, and soon the airspace was packed with colored light, enough to give anyone a seizure. She continued to bring roots and vines up through the pavement to reinforce collapsing structures and smite LexCorp goons that got in her way. They honestly had the nerve to try and stop them, and that pissed her off more than anything. Duking it out in the city, well they'd all been there, but stopping rescues? Like hell. That was something the Joker would try.

With all the running they were doing, she almost forgot she didn't know where she was going. The city streets, even in this state, were easy enough to read, and instinct had led her to the water's edge.

"Selina!" she brought the escort to a halt, "Where's Harley picking this lot up at!"

"Anywhere but here!" Kyle called back, "There's no way she can fly through all this! She's crazy, sure, but not that crazy!"

Behind her, a diamond shaped silhouette emerged, quickly descending to earth and taking the appearance of a man in green with a kite strapped to his back. "You got that right, I don't think even I could keep flying with those Lanterns tearin' up the sky!"

Isley punched the closest wall in frustration. "Agh! Great, just great! So what do we do now!?"

Another rush of explosions rocked the streets and shook loosened walls and debris into crumbling. If they were to get out of this, they needed a decision, and immediately.

Isley looked beyond the valley, seeing the river that separated the mainland from Gotham's core. The same river currently preventing the bulk of the fight from coming into it.

"The bridge…" Isley turned, "Gotham Uptown! We can cross the bridge and get out of the fight, then from there keep getting other people out!"

"What! That's insane, Army owns that area now! They'd light us up in a heartbeat, and unlike Blue or Zod, I ain't bulletproof!"

"She's… talking about Superman, right?"

"Not if we lead with them," Isley gestured to the civilians, "Army sure as hell won't shoot hostages, and I'd bet even less inclined to shoot us once they realize we're saving them!"

They both looked at her for a moment, seeming to blink in uniform silent consideration.

"They're… they might pay us, right?"

Kyle swatted him up the back of the head. "Nobody gets paid if Gotham and all her people are eviscerated! Get your head out of your ass Charles!"

"Alright, alright, sheesh woman! Sorry I'm thinking further than tomorrow!" He pounded a fist to the button on his chest and unfurled his kite, "I'll hit the skies, try to get you two a clear path."

Isley nodded, "And stay safe yourself."

He grinned, announcing just as he lifted up out of the alley, "Hell yeah!"

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