Just a Kid from Smallville

"Lois, it seems that the warzone near Gotham city is a whole new graveyard, even the smell here is hard to take in... My God... Back--...back to you, Lois. This is Jimmy Olsen of the daily Planet News, signing out... Oh gosh, where are you, Superman... **Zoop! **, the TV screen got turned off, snapping Conner's concentration out of it.

"Ma..I was watching this.", he turned to Clark's adopting mother, Martha, and she returned a scolding face to him; "I've had enough of this Luthor for about a lifetime.. For all I have left, anyways... How about you get some fresh air, Conner? I'll make your favorite cookies, how about that?", she asked the boy who's already clearly a grown man. "Sound like a plan, Ma...", he sighed and got up from the couch, stretching his back and headed outside the house.

"Those were Clark's favorite... Not mine.", Conner noted to himself as he was greeted by the good old Kansas wind as he looked to the horizon beyond the cornfield. He couldn't shake the look Martha had on her face the day they announced that Superman is dead....it was the most heart-shattering thing to see.

Noises of choppers and gunfire were just part of the view those days.. Luckily enough, Smallville didn't have nearly as much as Lexcorp security in it like the big citys... Like Metropolis.

"Clark... What would you do?", the man grabbed a pebble off the ground and tossed it a few miles away into the fields, and he shed a tear, wiping it away instantly. "Damn you.. How could you leave us like this, Superman...", he said with frustration.

At this time, Connor had been, perhaps, more confused than he ever was. What could he possibly do, all alone?....

"The cookies are ready!"

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