When World’s Collide Pt.2

((December 6th, 2019))

They watched him vanish into the upper floors of the buildings before peeking out into the road. The battle had moved on, but the sky was a mess of color. Isely honestly thought to herself that she'd have been more comfortable under a sky full of searchlights and gunfire than angered flying supers with their powers.

She pointed down the street to the next alley for Kyle to see, taking the rear before rushing the group out onto the street. If she was right, it would be down the street, through the alley, down another street, and then through an alley to the intersection with the bridge that crossed into midtown. From there, they could just cover the group from their side while soldiers on the other end could do their job. Foolproof plan.

"Ivy! Cover!" her radio piece chattered with Charles voice. She reached out to the flora following them beneath the asphalt and sunk the roadway several feet, vines erupting overhead. A Green Lantern, some far flung alien she didn't recognize, crashed just as they closed out the assault, eruptions of red and yellow light burning and blasting holes in their cover.

Get out of here Pam, he's not your concern, they are. She redirected the vines into huge offensive masses, feinting motions as if to slam the aggressing Lanterns away only to break the great vines apart into binding traps, locking up their movement and dragging them to earth.

Leave his ass, they should have taken their pissing match somewhere else. She grabbed him, or she thought it was a him at least, and dragged him to his feet. "Go! Get your ass moving!" she barked at him.

She didn't quite know what to make of his face, she never got a good look at it. He sped back into the air before she could gauge whether he was just stunned or thankful. Either way, they reached the first alley miraculously unharmed.

She paused, waiting for Charles to signal them ahead. Red laser beams tore up the street ahead of them as Blue and Zod flew through, flanked by two more Red Lanterns.

"Hold on, got another pass coming through. Find some cover quick!"

The world rocked with impacts as they drummed up the street, and she saw just a moment too late as the embattled Lanterns ripped the roofs off the buildings that sandwiched their alley. Her vines burst forth to catch the falling debris, and civilians flung themselves to the sides. She honestly didn't hear the screaming until it had passed.

Looking back, she saw a massive piece that had once been the corner of wall and roof. It had come down and landed on a handful of people. Four, she saw, were only partially caught, a leg or arm, or more caught beneath. One she saw for certain had been caught by the debris.

When she lifted the rubble for those trapped to escale, she refused to count further.

Kyle was cursing up a violent storm for both sides of the battle. Isley simply didn't know how to respond.

The nearest person to her injured by the impact was a girl, maybe no older than ten. Her foot had been slightly crushed, and nothing more, but it wasn't her parents who held her. She was crying.

That was when people began to panic.

She couldn't stop them, the ones that ran into the street, the sanity once held by their need to survive cast aside in raw, unabided terror. Kyle tried to, shoving people onto their rears as she raced up to her, taking her by the shoulders and shaking violently.

"Pam! Pam!!! We need to go! Now!"

The person holding the ten year old girl fled with their own child, bashing shoulders as Kyle proceeded to wave everyone into the street.

Isley couldn't even feel her own legs.

The girl couldn't stand on her own, and hadn't the will to drag herself away. She just kept crying.

She didn't feel any of her muscles go to work, she just grabbed and ran. She pressed the girls head into her shoulders, eyes covered, tears soaking into her jacket.

She ran as another wave of Lanterns lined up on the street.

She ran as they rained wrath and destruction down.

And she ran as a team broke off to chase after them.

She almost made it too, clear of the second alley just as the enraged Lanterns brought it crashing down. Kyle and the rest were already on the bridge. There was an awful noise of a buzzsaw, and she could see several lines of gold lights retaliating against the hostile airspace.

Then, the very earth seemed to throw them off her streets. She lost hold of the girl, and felt a sudden jar in her side as the blastwave threw her off the bridge, and into the river estuary below.


Ivy paused, a sober look on her face that she shook off with a burst of her initial vigor, "And that's how I survived the Battle of Gotham."

Sharon had her brows raised, but didn't seem too incredulous. Casey however was both surprised and awe-stricken.

Adam stared blankly at the floor in front of the strangers. “I… I remember that day.” He says, in a quiet voice. His parents didn’t survive that day. He quickly hid his emotions again and looked at the squatters, “Your turn.”

Sharon nodded and stated her usual narrative, the parts not covered in black ink as far as she knew. The decade of low intensity conflict, losing contact with other bases and strongholds across the globe with time, her own being last. She described in purely factual and slightly vague detail the escape, the days spent evading LexCorp's hunters, crashing outside of Gotham.

She only started sharing comprehensive detail after entering the city's official boundaries. Meeting up with Casey, crossing into Gotham, witnessing Crane make his declaration and threaten the lives of hostages, and her taking to the city's unfinished skyline where she took her shot at him.

Adam chuckled to himself, “Why am I not surprised, I should’ve expected that you’d find me sooner or later.” He turned to Ivy, “I still don’t trust them, but she did save my life. If she was going to kill me, she would’ve let Crane’s son do it.”

"No offense, spandex," Sharon replies, her eyes narrowed, "but from what I saw, Crane did kill you. Nobody survives a cut like that, and then a fall from over four flights into freezing water."

Ivy steps between them before any conflict can be struck, holding her hands between them. "Oh-kay! Clearly we've all been under a lot of stress lately and don't trust each other. Totally get that, kinda used to be my thing. But…" she throws out a smile and an intellectually raised finger, "Since we're all definitely not friends of LexCorp, how 'bout we get settled a bit? Not like any of us have a secure place to be elsewhere, right?"

“You guys can sleep in the guest room, unless you’d like to crash somewhere else.” Adam says, dismissing his two new marine roommates. He focuses his attention to the Batcomputer, which is still rewinding footage. He types some keys to set an alarm whenever there’s motion. “Ivy’s right, we’ll all be in a better mood with a good night’s sleep.”

There's an awkward silence between them that lingers on for a moment or two. Sharon shakes her head, "Right, I'll… I'll head back up the spiral, grab my gear and bring it down here. Cas, if you want to-"

"Yep," Casey pops up, having sat on the sidelines for the majority of the conversation.

"Uh… right, yeah, if you want to help me grab stuff, we can get properly settled. Maybe even get some real sleep."

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